CAUSA 511 Tobias – Part 2

causa.fwTobias | 29 | 5’7″ | 125# | 7.0″ | Auburn Hair | Blue Eyes | Straight & Sexploring

As Tobias moves closer to his sexual authenticity, I find it more than a tad bit ironic that a soon-to-be former site member stated during the cancellation process:

Your content is fine. However, I want to see see str8 for pay, not obviously effeminate men with plucked eyebrows and shaved genitals, who can’t wait to have sex with another guy. They need to butch it up, be reluctant, and feign pain during anal rather than happily groan or act as if nothing was inside of them. Just my thoughts. I prefer Bait bus, Out in Public, Pawn Shop type scenarios because they are somewhat convincing, and most of the models are more on the masculine, straight side.

Quite frankly, that has to be the biggest crock of bullshit I’ve read in a long time. Apparently, only gay men are allowed to enjoy anal sex. For one to truly be straight, he at least has to pretend to disdain taking it up the butt, Bob.

Has this guy spent any time with Millennial men? Has he read any current research, news, or books about M Gen sexuality?

A third of young Americans say they aren’t 100% heterosexual

UK: 1 in 2 young people say they are not 100% heterosexual

Not Gay: Sex between Straight White Men

Target will stop labeling toys for boys or for girls. Good.

Can someone please give me a break & buy this guy a clue!

The whole point to equality is so that we don’t have to conform to historically defined gender roles & relationships.

In terms of the guys who’ve appeared on ClubAmateurUSA, I recently did the math, so I could honestly speak to those numbers with a potential model whom I emailed on AdultFriendFinder. He self identifies as straight, clearly states that he’s into pegging (and plays with toys while on his webcam), but he’s got a shitload of self-imposed homophobia about taking it up the butt. So, here’s what I had to say to him:

Given that you’ve discovered the pleasures of male penetration and the fact that you’re handsome, built, & endowed, I believe you to be a perfect candidate to participate in a video for my amateur site.

So, I’ve created a temporary login for you to take a look around to determine if you’d be open to the sexperience.


If you Google these search terms:

CAUSA Casey Black

…you’ll find the main site & can login.

What I’ve discovered in the 12+ years that I’ve been shooting erotic massage video with guys who self identify as straight, is that while some of the guys may have figured out the joys of being penetrated / penetrating themselves, neither they nor their female partners truly understand the role that the prostate plays for male sexual pleasure.

If you will take a look, you’ll see that my goal is to teach you guys how to achieve an anal orgasm (a full-body, sustained orgasm without ejaculation), and through that knowledge, forever enhance your sex lives, moving forward.

Also, from the main site, you can review the model information page & my contact information.

As of now, I’ve captured 230 individual guys on video, and of those, 151 were originally found here on AFF. Out of the total 230 guys from August 2003 to present, going into their first shoot, 171 of them self identified as straight — some married, some partnered, some single from all walks of life & from all over the US.

I share all of this with you to hopefully provide you more comfort in possibly participating, and even if you choose to not participate, at least give you more awareness that you’re not an anomaly among heterosexual men.

Also, the images in my private network album are collages from recent shoots.


So, yes… Of the now 511 original, exclusive videos on CAUSA, 439 of them were shot by me with 230 individual men, and of those men, 171 of them self identified as straight. I’m sure some of you noted in my above email that I qualified my statement with “going into their first shoot” because if we’re going to keep it real, some of those guys did eventually accept their sexual authenticity and / or evolve their respective sexual identity.

Geoff faced his mortality in one of Bush’s wars, and two years after returning States side, shot his first video with me. We all know that that changed his life forever. Today, ten years later, Geoff is an open, self-loving, bisexual crossdresser. Liam freaked out after his first shoot with me because it forever changed his life. As I’ve previously shared, a couple of years later, I received an email from Liam in which he agreed that he had freaked the fuck out, but he was now a self-loving, open gay man who was in a one-year relationship.

How much more authentic & real can ClubAmateurUSA get? Because gawd knows, “Bait Bus” & those other sites mentioned are the least authentic of most “str8 for pay” sites out there, but hey, I guess if the guys “butch it up,” then makes it “real.”

Yet, I digress…

As we’re nearing the completion of the CAUSA makeover, I pulled the site’s original iteration using the Wayback Machine. Interesting that ClubAmateurUSA’s original tagline stated, “Come see what real men do when they live in a desert…”


For me & hopefully for the majority of you, Tobias doesn’t need to pretend to feign discomfort with the three anal orgasms that he sexperienced this second time around on the CAUSA massage table. As a self identifying straight man, Tobias has given himself permission to sexplore his curiosity & live a more authentic sexual life.

And that’s just keepin’ it real.


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