Classic CAUSA 242 Toby

causa_classic.fwToby | 19 | 5’11” | 175# | 6.0″ | Brown Hair | Blue Eyes | Bi-Curious & Sexploring | Originally aired January 2008


Over the past six months, I’ve had more and more self-identifying bisexual guys contact me regarding their possible participation in our videos. Over the past four years, I’ve tended to shy away from working with bi & gay guys not because I want my videos to be strictly straight-guy seduction, but because I’m looking to capture real, first-time sexperiences that are physically & mentally whelming to the person on the massage table.

So, for men who seek out sex with other men, the sexperience on my massage table isn’t new or a first time. And of course, I’m always concerned that I’ll get some high-maintenance individual (yes, I’m choosing my words carefully šŸ˜‰ in here who thinks that only the perfect people deserve to have sex — and he only has sex with perfect people. Or as Thomas believed that because he only had sex with “extremely hot guys,” he was “mostly straight.” Yet, I digress…

With all of that said, I decided to bring Toby in for a shoot even though I had reservations due to him self identifying as bisexual. And all I have to say is thank gawd that I did bring him in!

Firstly, Toby is as cute as a teddy bear, and secondly, he was aroused from the moment he dropped his britches! Seriously, he got naked; I zoomed in to get a closeup & had him face away to get a shot of his ass; and when he turned back around to face me, his cock was sticking straight out (without him having even touched it)!

I guess Toby proved that I need to rethink shooting bi guys. šŸ˜›

Now, the only problem with Toby being so turned on was that I couldn’t do much with him without him being ready to blow his load. Didn’t I just say that last week about Morgan? Must be a new recurring theme. lol

Regardless, Toby had fun (he’s emailed me quite a few times just to say “hi” and see when his video would be online). I had fun, and I’m definitely looking forward to bringing Toby back for more!


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ.Ā Ā©