CAUSA 508 Gracen – Bonus

causa.fwGracen | 30 | 6’2″ | 170# | 9.5″ | Brown Hair | Brown Eyes | Straight & Sexploring


After Gracen’s first orgasm, I knew that I wanted to continue the rub down in order to return him to a more grounded state of being because Gracen confirmed for me after I discontinued filming what I came to believe about ten minutes into this shoot.

My lightbulb moment happened after several dialogs with Gracen (that I edited out of the main video, CAUSA 508 Gracen) due to the fact that I could barely touch him & his body would react. Specifically, I was attempting to get to his taint & manhole, and every time, he would react & tense up. Although I tried to verbally assuage his concerns about potential penetration, Gracen’s involuntary responses spoke something different to me.

Gracen & I had an extended dialog after the shoot, and my initial thought was to keep it a matter between the two of us, but knowing the ClubAmateurUSA audience includes men of color from all over the world, men who are on their own journeys toward sexual authenticity, and men who are victims of sexual abuse, after several days of reflection, I decided it important to share my observations & our interaction.

As previously mentioned, I stopped several times to speak with Gracen about his involuntary responses to my attempts at touching him in the anal area to no avail. That’s when it dawned on me that Gracen’s muscular tension & reactions were some form of post traumatic stress. That thought, of course, led me down the path of sexual abuse.

So, after Gracen’s first orgasm, I wanted to continue the massage to relax & bring him back down to a calm place. I had not anticipated that would lead to another round of rub-n-tug & a second orgasm, and as you’ll hear Gracen tell, the second one was much greater in intensity than his first.

In the post massage interview, I chose to gently move toward what would be our post-filming conversation. As you’ll hear Gracen confirm, yes, it is outside of his comfort zone to not be in control during sexual activities, and yes, his involuntary physical response to potential anal penetration is most likely post-traumatic stress due to previous sexual violence. You can hear our conversation at the end of this bonus video.

Also, as I previously stated, I think it important to share with all of you because I’m sure that Gracen’s sexperience is universal through his journey to sexual healing & authenticity. As one who was molested by a family member at a very young age, I understand & know Gracen’s path moving forward and believe it important that all of you share in his journey, as well.

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