Classic CAUSA 057 Tristan

causa_classic.fwTristan | 19 | 5’8″ | 160# | Brown Hair | Green Eyes | 7.0″ | Straight & Sexploring | Originally aired June 2004


Uh…mah…gawd!!! Very rarely do I get turned on while editing one of my own videos. Today, I am surprised on a couple of different levels…

Tristan emailed me on Monday evening inquiring about the potential video shoot with the married, str8 guy (baby on the way) with whom I wanted to pair him for a first-timer’s oral shoot. Unfortunately, the other guy is MIA, so I wasn’t prepared to do that particular shoot. So, I emailed him back and suggested that we do a non-reciprocal oral video. Luckily, Tristan called early this evening to confirm a time.

I say, “luckily,” but what I should be saying is, “Thank the baybee geezus!”

Tristan is quite the youthful hottie. I took a liking to him the first time that we met, and he flashed the impish grin. Our first video shoot, an erotic massage, went well (he did cum twice after all), but I think that he was very nervous about the whole thing and wasn’t able to relax. So, going into this shoot, I had a little bit of a concern that it might turn out a little flat in the eroticism department.

Surprise #1!

Once we got going, Tristan was moaning and gasping and biting his lip and licking his lips and licking his finger and… and…

Typically, during a shoot I am completely focused on the pleasure & comfort level of the model, the lighting, the camera angle, etc. In the last two years that I’ve been filming adult, amateur videos, there have only been a few times that I’ve gotten…uhm…er…aroused during filming. Video shoots truly are work for me. Now, that’s not to say that I don’t leak like a sieve during filming! LOL! As I have stated before, being so focused on the model’s pleasure allows me to react & revisit. If I see him having an out-of-body experience from having his nipples played with at the same that his ass is being fingered, then you know that I’m going to do reproduce that pleasure for him later on in the shoot. His pleasure begets your pleasure…

I think the thing about this shoot with Tristan, is that I responded to his responses. So, I did actually get into the sexual heat of the moment. As a result, it was a bit difficult to intently watch how he was responding when I had my face buried in his ass or his cawk down my throat. LOL!


Surprise #2!

I got completely turned on just editing the dayum thing because I was seeing for the first time, his physical responses. And geezus, mary, & joseph… his facial expressions! Tawk amunst yursevs… šŸ˜‰

So, now I’m on a mission… I need to find an early 20s, similar-looking hottie to participate in an all-out sucking, rimming, fingering video with Tristan. I definitely want to capture him on video a whole lot more in the months to cum. Any volunteers?


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ.Ā Ā©