CAUSA 505 Crockett – Part 2

causa.fwCrockett | 26 | 5’6″ | 122# | 7.5″ | Brown Hair | Blue Eyes | Straight & Sexploring

From zombiefied Dominic to electrified Kato and now gigglyfied Crockett, it’s been an interesting few weeks on the ol’ CAUSA massage table. I realize that with these three guys, these three reactions are how defense mechanisms manifest themselves. With the two former, I believe that Dominic’s playing dead & Kato’s tingling fingers were conscious choices, but with the latter, Crockett’s giggling, I believe, was an involuntary response to not only finding joy but also experiencing authenticity in his sexuality.

Over the years, I’ve usually known when a manifestation is keeping guys present & focused during the massage (versus the direction that is given to them: “close your eyes, relax, focus inward, and go to your happy place that gets you up & gets you off”), but this is the first time that I recall experiencing so much giggling throughout a shoot. It certainly kept me a little too present & focused.

Now, that’s not to say that overall Crockett’s sexperience on the ol’ CAUSA massage table wasn’t life changing for him. It was — as you’ll continue to witness in this second half. His cumshot is pretty phenomenal to watch, and I’m thinkin’ that Crockett’s discovery of his prostate is going to a big topic of conversation with his sexual partners going forward. 😉

For all of my friends States-side, have a safe & enjoyable Independence Day holiday & weekend.


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