CAUSA 503 Kato

causa.fwKato | 22 | 5’11” | 175# | 7.0″ | Black Hair | Brown Eyes | Straight & Sexploring


It’s not often that I find myself without words, but this second video with Kato leaves me somewhat speechless. Most likely not in the way that you think, my lack of a clear cohesive message is due to a lack of clear understanding of Kato’s sexperience.

Well… Please allow me to restate that. I clearly understand, based on observations both during the massage & while editing, Kato’s physical responses during the massage (and yes, those were over-the-top intense), but what leaves me perplexed are Kato’s emotion-driven responses that for the first time in 12+ years, left me scratching my head.

As with every shoot, I tend to do comparison both during & afterward. During this shoot & now as I prepare to push it live, the previous video that comes to mind is Finn’s. I knew by the time Finn walked out the door post production that what he had just sexperienced was way much more than he bargained for given his three orgasms in an hour. By the time he was leaving, the tells on his face were that everything in his previously established being surrounding his sexuality had just been called into question. For Kato, I believe those questions began after his first shoot & were quickly exemplified shortly into this second.

That led Kato to focus on what, to me, was a rather strange thing: the tingling in his hands. I mean, we’re talking OCD focused.

Now, granted, when I moved Kato into the all-fours position, I quickly recognized that Kato was in a state of overwhelmed due to the direct stimulation on his prostate. Usually I edit the positioning segments out of the videos, but I chose to leave this moment in so you all could also witness his state of being. Truly I thought when I had him come up off of his hands & vertically on his knees that Kato was about to black out on me. As soon as I had that recognition, I quickly directed Kato onto his back.

While I know that the intensity of this sexperience was very real to Kato, I couldn’t help but chuckle while editing everytime his hands took on a Mary Katherine Gallagher stance, “sometimes when I get really nervous…” So, I know that it was much more intensity than Kato has previously sexperienced, and I believe that that’s what brought him to project his mental lack of comfort with that intensity onto the tingling in his fingers.

Based on what I’ve witnessed from other guys during similar moments, I believe that up to & including the point of almost blacking out, Kato experienced an extended anal orgasm, and having never felt that before, his mind couldn’t quite comprehend its physicality.

What brought it all together was the unbelievable cumshot that prostate stimulation produced. I was impressed given the past 12 years generating some pretty fantastical cumshots, and Kato’s disbelief… Well, you’ll just have to witness it for yourself…


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