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causaDominic | 25 | 6’1″ | 165# | 8.5″ | Black Hair | Brown Eyes | Straight and…


Desperate times call for desperate measures as the old saying goes…

In my world in terms of recruiting guys to slide on the CAUSA massage table, 99.9% of the time, I’ve found that guys who are in a moment of desperation to make a quick buck for this, that, or the other are all about instant gratification. Experience has shown that they want to “Get in. Get up. Get off. Get paid. And get out.” (The Five Gs of adult producers & participants) They don’t spend three weeks inquiring, engaging, following-up, scheduling, & waiting. If I cannot give them instant gratification in that moment of desperation, they’ll go find someone / something else that can.

Ironically, it’s the guys who are vigorously “straight” who are only doing this as a last resort. Uh… huh… Because even more exponentially ironic, it’s always these guys whose cocks go brick rather quickly into the massage & who have to stave off prematurely ejaculating throughout most of the sexperience.

As I usually say when I receive unsolicited, bigoted language from random strangers during my recruiting efforts (from guys with whom I’ve had zero previous interaction) such as “faggot” or “fuck off, I ain’t gay,”:

“Me thinks he doth protest too much. That which we hate the most in ourselves, is that which we hate the most in others.”

And then I block the fuckwits from ever contacting me again. lol

Yet, I digress…

Of the CAUSA guys that I recall clearly stating that they were so straight it hurt & were only doing this as a desperate measure, well, let’s review the result of each first-time sexperience:

  • Emmett – brick & on the verge of orgasm throughout
  • Yates – brick & on the verge of orgasm throughout – discovered the love of his prostate
  • Ozzy – brick & on the verge, as well as, brought about too much self reflection & realization
  • Nash – oh, please – give us all a break
  • Kyler – let’s see, two orgasms in 20 minutes? 😛

Luckily, that’s only five guys over the past two years, and really, of those five, only two did I think were not the true ClubAmateurUSA content that I strive for with every shoot.

So, now, let’s circle back to today’s video, CAUSA 502 with Dominic. (Ya wondered where I was going with this. 😉

Dominic & I have an estranged history…

Ya see, Dominic is a webcammer on AdultFriendFinder, and over the course of the past couple of years, every time I’ve attempted to watch his webcam, he blocked me.

Now, here’s my thing…

My profile is listed as a group, and it specifically calls out that I’m looking for open-minded guys who are potentially curious & willing to allow themselves to be “financially bi.” When I click on a webcam, I *never* message the guy unless he messages me first. If I see that he has adult-oriented images on his profile, I’ll click through & “like” them, and if he’s doing hot stuff on his cam, I’ll give him the highest available rating. In my mind’s eye, that’s a win for the cammer. More & higher ratings broadens your reach, gives you more exposure, & might allow you to actually meet a *real* female. My win, as it were, is to generate enough curiosity in the cammer for him to take a look at my profile & potentially consider participating in a CAUSA video.

So, when suddenly the cam shuts off & upon refresh, I find that I’ve been blocked… Well, the mind boggles.

Why? I didn’t message you inappropriate direction or requests. I *liked* your content…

But because there wasn’t a (F) by my profile name, automatically, that’s a threat to you.

Uh… huh… What was that about doth protesting too much?

Now, here’s the kicker…

Within about five minutes, I’ll click over to another browser where I have a registered female profile (with pix from one of my early shoots with Natasha), and I’ll have “Natasha” watch the cam. She doesn’t respond to messages. She doesn’t send messages. She rarely views profiles & rarely likes pix. Very rarely will she respond to the numerous email that she receives, but because there’s a little (F) by the profile name & with *zero* interaction, these cam guys who are vehemently opposed to identifiable other males or groups watching their cams, suddenly find within themselves that it’s okay for a non-confirmed female to watch you?!?! Oh, and by the way, Natasha’s profile is all about her love of pegging straight guys. (Oh, I could write another novella regarding all of these uptight straight guys who are all up in her grill attempting to get tapped by that.)

Now, by no means is this the norm, but for guys who behave this way, can we all just say, you got some serious issues with your sexuality! And again I say, me thinks ye doth protest too much.

I’ve spent the past 15 years directly engaging in & dealing with human sexuality, and I’ve grown rather aware & insightful through unintended visible & audible clues, as well as, verbiage choices. I’ve found even through non-adult-related daily interactions, that we learn a helluva lot more when we just shut up & observe.

Yes, I’ve digressed even further, so let’s to circle back to Dominic…

Firstly & admittedly, I was quite taken by surprise when I received an email from him stating his interest after several years of me liking his content & being blocked from watching him on cam. Dominic stated that he needed the cash, and as previously mentioned, from first point of contact to sliding on the table, three weeks passed.

Throughout our interaction, I didn’t gather from Dominic that this was a “Five Gs” situation. Instead, I found humor, responsibility, respect, & compassion. But that was not the person from the previous three weeks who walked in my door. Instead, I immediately gleaned that Dominic was shut down & the vigorously straight, desperate guy was now present & accounted for.

When that happens, I do my best to either assuage the guy’s fears & concerns, or I do my best to nicely scare the bejeezus out of him so that he will change his mind & leave (very very rarely has that been my chosen path).

With Dominic, I chose the former because I believed that I could still make him a CAUSA convert, and of course, based on his physical attributes, I felt that all of you would enjoy his presence on ClubAmateurUSA (can you say, “Italian Stallion”). 😉

So, we got to the pre-interview in the video, and it went off the rails rather quickly. I cut it short (and cut it from this video), and quickly got Dominic on the table.

And that, my friends, is when it gets interesting…

What I noticed rather soon into the massage was that stroking Dominic was giving him a chubby, but it’s wasn’t making him brick. What made him brick, you ask? Take a wild guess…

Anal play.

Uh…huh… (and now, lemme finish editing the video, so I can finish up my observations :)

Final observations…

When a guy is intent upon not giving visible & audible demonstrations of his pleasure, what are his tells?

Historically true: rapid eye movement under their closed lids, flaring nostrils, evident heartbeat / pulse in the abdominal area, the flushing of the skin across the neck & chest, the grand mal effect on the toes, and of course, the involuntary muscle contractions & body spasms — these all coalesce to give me clues & you witness to sexperiences that, I’m sure, are overtly pleasurable & assumedly confounding all in the same moment.

As with the others, Dominic isn’t an exception to the proverbial rule; he helps define the rule.

So, from CAUSA 500 with Trey who, over the course of six months, went from no prior sexperience to choosing to engage in anal / prostate stimulation both on camera & in his personal life (as well as discovering his hardwired nipples), to CAUSA 501 with Gracen whose apparent subconscious building of expectations surrounding his first male:male sexual encounter made him an electrified hot mess, and finally today, CAUSA 502 with Dominic whose intentional reservedness was defied by his unintentional & involuntary physical responses, these three videos define & demonstrate the almost 12 years of self identifying straight guys & their respective journeys of sexploration & authenticity.


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