CAUSA 499 CUMpilation

logoCAUSA 499 CUMpilation Flaaaahrida with Simon, Armie, Roddy, Jackson, Zephyr, Walt, Jax, Kyler, Nash, Adán, Vicenté, Taylor, Xander, Coop, Miles, Patric, Quentin, Ezequiel, Kirill, Wynn, Jackson Gunn, Remy, Ozzy, Theo, Filip, Login, & Zach


Alrighty, ladies & gents… What a day…

CAUSA 499 CUMpilation Flaaaahrida is complete. At an hour & 43 minutes, there are 28 different models providing 61 cumshots. I’d like to say that all 28 gave two a piece, but alas, Kyler had two, and Miles made up the rest. As I said during one of his shoots, “You’re a semen factory!”

And I snuck a shoot in this afternoon with the model for CAUSA 500. He has the most watched scenes on CAUSA’s top 50, and he moved back to the upper Midwest a few weeks ago after graduating from University.

I got a shoot with him prior to his leaving then & had originally wanted it to be CAUSA 500, but the shoot began with a car alarm going off & dogs barking outside, and that threw me off of my game. Compared to his previous shoots, this one was just meh.

So, on Tuesday night, I got a text from him saying that he was flying into PHX on Friday morning & leaving for Vegas on Saturday morning. At first I told him that since I already had one in the can with him, I really didn’t need another. Then as a balloon flew over the Volcano (for those of you who get that reference, stop by anytime ;), I got to thinking that this is not an opportunity to pass up given that he now lives frickin’ 1500 miles away. I texted him back again & told him to text me when he landed on Friday morning, and I would give him a firm answer as to yes or no.

When he texted this morning, I’d already decided that today’s shoot might possibly be exactly the content that I intended for CAUSA 500.

And glory hallelujah, it is!

So, from CAUSA 499 today to CAUSA 500 next week, all is right with the world. 😉

On that note, everyone have a safe & enjoyable holiday weekend!

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