CAUSA 498 Tobias (First Half)

logoTobias | 29 | 5’7″ | 125# | 7.0″ | Auburn Hair | Blue Eyes | Straight & Sexploring


Admittedly, when Tobias first contacted me, I had reservations about him as a CAUSA model due to my own judgement of his appearance. My generation, the gen Xs would refer to it as Grizzly Adams, and his generation, the M gens or Millennials, have reference to Duck Die-Nasty. But over the past year as the “Lumbersexuals” have become more & more prevalent, I’ve had an ongoing, internal dialog in this regard — knowing that, eventually, the day would come when that “look” would make its first appearance on ClubAmateurUSA.

Well, today is that day, and with two anal orgasms & two ejaculatory orgasms in the span of about 75 minutes, I’m absolutely thrilled that Tobias is the first CAUSA model to debut the Lumbersexual generation!

Tobias & this video perfectly coalesce around my goal of both sexploring one’s curiosity & authentic sexperiences!


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