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logoLex | 35 | 6’0″ | 180# | 6.5″ | Shaved Head | Brown Eyes | Straight & Sexploring | Originally titled, “A Rub A Tug & Then Some”


In 2006, three things happened that are significant to today’s update: 1) Facebook dropped its .edu requirement & opened up to all, 2) I filmed this scene with Lex, and 3) I received a written request from Lex pleading that his video be removed from the members’ area because, as was declared to me, he was interviewing for a job that required high, governmental security clearance. Being the person that I am & always having had the utmost respect for my guys having chosen / choosing to sexpose themselves across this crazy thing called the Internet, I asked no questions & immediately pulled the video off of ClubAmateurUSA.

Now, one may wonder what in the hell Facebook has to do with all of this…

Well, in 2006, although the Internet was a powerful tool for communication & research, just nine short years ago, it was nowhere near what it is today in terms of knowing everything about us & our personal lives, and by our own choosing, making all of that information public.

Again, you’re staring at your monitor & wondering, “Yeah… yeah… I get it. We didn’t have iPhones & Facebook, but Casey, what does this have to with this effen video?”

Well, lemme tell you my pretties…

In nine short years, I now have the ability to type someone’s birth name into the search bar on Facebook & quickly find out that everything that was told to me was a complete & utter lie. So, if a choice I made is based on someone else’s intended deception & outright fabrication, then I feel no remorse revisiting my original decision.

As we near the 500th original, exclusive video on ClubAmateurUSA, I feel today that that story, that journey is not wholly shared with you due to Lex’s deception & fabrication because a recent Facebook search tells me the real story.

There was no highj-level, government security clearance. There was simply professional growth in an industry known for its inherent dishonesty, and Lex was beginning his efforts that would eventually grow him into a public face of that industry.

So, dishonesty & deception sometimes beget a karmic reinstatment… restoration… renewal…

With all of that said, applicable to today & with a historic overview thrown into the mix, I’m thrilled to restore to all of you from the CAUSA Vault, Lex’s first & only ride on the CAUSA massage table. Here’s what I had to say about it nine years ago in March 2006:

When Lex first contacted me, he sent along a pic that was one of 157 erotic still photographs that were taken as a Christmas present for his wife. You heard me correctly… LOL!

There was a raw sexuality to Lex in that image, so I knew that I wanted to bring him in for a video shoot. Little did I know how well Lex’s raw sexuality would transcend on video tape. Dear gawd… <whew!>

Lex is bi-curious & looking to sexplore those natural curiosities on video. His wife is aware & okay with his new endeavor, but I don’t think the wife is quite aware of just how much Lex enjoys & craves the touch of another man. His email have been constant since this shoot. Lex is ready for more, moRE, MORE!!!

On a side note, I had my best girlfriend (we are the original “Will & Grace”) visit me for several days last week, and after giving her a tour of the site & showing her clips from several videos, she (like many of you who have written in) couldn’t believe how well I control myself during a shoot. Over and over again, she kept asking how come I didn’t just jump in during a shoot and get my nasty on. lol

It was easy to explain to her that I derive most of my pleasure during these shoots from the sense of control that I feel when I have these guys acting like putty in my hands (no pun intended). I am the one bringing them to the edge of orgasm over and over again, and I am the one who gives them a brand new self-awareness of their sexual being. There is much greater pleasure in that for me than just a simple orgasm.

So, I was definitely in my element & at the height of my own pleasure during this shoot with Lex. Through my hands, I had him at the very height of his sexual pleasure. One minute he’s crawling up the table on his stomach, whimpering from me rubbing the magic button inside his arse, and the next minute his mouth is wide open but no breathing is going on because my hands are stroking him to an overwhelming sexual pleasure.

There’s definitely satisfaction in it for me, enormous satisfaction for Lex, and in a few minutes, throbbing & sticky satisfaction for all of you. Enjoy!

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