Classic CAUSA 213 Nikolai

logoNikolai | 20 | 6’2″ | 165# | 7.0″ | Brown Hair | Green Eyes | Straight & Sexploring | Originally aired June 2007


Nikolai was another for whom I had not seen good images of him before he arrived to my home. So, when I threw back the red-velvet curtains, and there he stood, I knew that I had another hottie for CAUSA! Now, let me just say, that unless the guys have shown me previous digital images of their cocks, the majority of the time, their initial undressing for the camera, is the first time I see their “bidnez.” Because my approach to eroticism on video has more to do with the guy’s overall experience, unless he’s hung like a toddler (credit to “beercan” for that one), it’s his entire physicality that makes him sexy & desirable.

So, when Nikolai dropped trou, and I got my first glance at his beautiful, uncut cock… Well, needless-to-say, I was doing the “Happy Dance” inside my head.

Now, fast forward to Nikolai on his back and after a little rubbing, tugging, and sucking, I soon found out that that beautiful, uncut cock could stand at attention all by itself as Nikolai lay on his back. In my five years in the biz, this is the first guy with whom I have worked whose cock points straight up like that. Loved it! Too freakin’ hot!

Of course, there’s much about Nikolai that’s too freakin’ hot! With his toned swimmer’s build, beautiful eyes & smile, and his smooth Eastern European look (HELLO! Bel Ami model!), I know that you’ll be as enamoured with Nikolai as I.

Enjoy Nikolai’s first-time sexperience!

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