CAUSA 496 Warren

logoWarren | 37 | 5’10” | 185# | 7.5″ | Salt & Pepper Hair | Blue Eyes | Straight & Sexploring


When Warren contacted me on AdultFriendFinder, I’d already reviewed his two profiles previously, and based on a couple of videos wherein his female partner provided him anal stimulation, I had an inkling that he might be open to participating in a video. Now, when he did reach out, I was surprised when I saw his headshots because I realized that Warren has been around AFF just about as long as I’ve been recruiting on that site. So, I remember from the 27 year old Warren to today’s well-built, well-hung, 37 year old guy. Since I regularly receive requests to feature more mature models, I didn’t hesitate to schedule with him.

On the rare occasion that it happens, performance issues, per se, are usually related to the model’s ability to achieve & maintain erection during a shoot (vis-à-vis Hoke), and sometimes a performance issue can be the inability / unwillingness to relinquish control (a la Tate). Also, it can be on the part of the model the lack of desire to “feel” the sexperience and / or emotionally connect to the moment because of societal expectations regarding “normal” sexual behavior & the model’s own internalized sexually based phobias, as it were. This foments & solidifies in a recalcitrance that’s a challenge for us both to overcome. With Warren, the performance issues were two-fold, 1) maintaining control, and 2) remaining present & conversational.

Every potential model receives a detailed email with questions & this statement:

Additionally, I am wanting an actual sexual experience from you – not a porn performance. Your job, as it were, is to relax, focus inward, let go of your reality in the moment, and go to that place that gets you up & gets you off while tying it into the sensual touch you’ll be experiencing all over your body. As you can see from the images & preview videos on ClubAmateurUSA, the sexperience can be intense & at times, overwhelming because my goal is to bring you to the edge of orgasm over & over & over again until your entire body is begging for release. But remember that the first rule of Fight Club is you don’t cum until I’m ready for you to cum. So, if you’re getting too close, you just have to let me know, and I’ll focus on your toes or something. When I do give the go-ahead, I anticipate that you will have built up to one helluva explosion that you’ll feel from the ends of your hairs to the ends of your toenails. Does that sound like something you’ll enjoy?

Staying present & conversational is in & of itself a control issue, and as a result, you’ll witness the one minute wherein Warren had no choice but to let go, during & post orgasm & ejaculation. His hard cock throughout the shoot was certainly indicative that physically & mentally, Warren reached & maintained his sexual zone.


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