Classic CAUSA 245 Javier

logoJavier | 24 | 6’2″ | 180# | 5’5″ | Black Hair | Black Eyes | Straight & Sexploring | Originally aired February 2008


Since June 2003 when I first ventured into this industry over at ASG, I’ve connected on an emotional & personal level with only a handful of models…

One of the lessons I learned during my first year in this business, was to not get too personally involved in the lives of the guys — that’s just inviting insanity into your own life. And for the most part, I’ve held true to that given that Jaxon (“Big Josh”) is the only one (out of, literally, hundreds of guys) with whom I have developed a deep & lasting friendship. That, of course, is not, in any way, to discount the countless hours that I’ve spent with each of them.

All of this is to say that from the moment Javier walked into my front door, I felt that connection – for whatever reason. We instantaneously hit it off & just began talking with each other like we had known each other for years. Fortunately for me (maybe not so much for anyone who may have to listen to us), Javier & I share much of the same philosophy & approaches to our respective life’s path.

Somehow in the three hours of conversation while Javier was in my home, we managed to fit in one of the most sensuous videos that I’ve shot. It’s the rare occasion when filming that I allow the sensuality of the moment dictate the course of the shoot. Fortunately, it was that very sensuality that pushed Javier’s buttons and placed him in his heightened sexual zone.

Since that shoot several days ago, Javier and I have exchanged many email and are coordinating a time to meet for “gab & vino.” I’m looking forward to further interaction with him on a more personal level, and you can definitely look forward to his first video and hopefully, many subsequent shoots!


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