Classic CAUSA 271 Hart

logoHart | 25 | 6’0″ | 185# | 5.5″ | Black Hair | Hazel Eyes | Straight & Sexploring | Originally aired August 2008


Well, CB was out bein’ bad Monday night! And guess what, even *I* can have first-time sexperiences after six years in the biz.

As the story goes, Hart contacted me on my favorite sex & swingers site on Sunday evening. When I checked out his profile, he looked familiar, but I couldn’t quite place him. At first, I thought maybe he worked at my local pub where I go with friends to throw darts and have cocktails. That wasn’t the case, and as we continued talking via instant messenger, I learned that Hart was pretty curious to explore his sexuality. At one point, he asked me where I shot my videos, and even after telling him, nothing clicked for either one of us. Ironically, we did determine that he lived right around the corner from me. Still, no light bulb moments for either of us.

After about an hour of conversation, Hart & I determined that we would meet when he got back into town on Monday, and then when I gave him my exact address, he responded, “SHUT UP!”

Hart then asked me if I knew one of my neighbors, and when I answered in the affirmative, he said, “I’m her ex!”

UH…MAH…GAWD! The light bulbs were burning bright by then! Ironically, the pub that I had originally thought Hart worked at was actually where he & I first met many months ago. And in fact, he had lived a short time with my neighbor. Even more ironically, since their breaking up, she & I have become pretty good friends.

By this point, Hart is freaking out because not only has he just shared with me his deepest fantasies about sexploring his curiosity, but he’s just told it to his ex girlfriend’s neighbor & friend. Needless to say, both Hart & I were caught completely off guard!

Once I talked Hart off of the ceiling that he was now hanging from, we began discussing ways that he could actually move forward & shoot a video — without her seeing him coming in & out of my apartment and hopefully, without her finding out.

So, under the cover of night, I snuck Hart in through my back doggie run & door. The things we do for porn. LOL!

Prior to the shoot, I’d decided to do a brief shower scene with Hart and then some quick fun in my bedroom to explore his hairy hole (since Hart swore that it was too hairy and needed to be shaved). But once I got him comfortable on my bed and the momentum of the shoot kept building, it no longer seemed prudent to stop the action and transfer him to the other room with the massage table.

Although the lighting wasn’t exactly what I wish for in a shoot, the overall video in it’s current incarnation is effen HOT! I’d explained a bit prior to the shoot beginning how many guys have such over-the-top sexperiences the first time that they’re sexually stimulated by another male due to the fact that over the years as they’ve been sexually active & fantasized about male:male sexploration, they build huge anticipation & excitement around their first time.

Hart’s first-time being sexually stimulated by another guy was one of those over-the-top moments, and thank gawd that I was able to capture it on video! WOW!

With his body turned into one big erogenous zone, every little touch by me sent him over the edge. It was a challenge for me to do much without him stopping me because he was too close to orgasming. And when I buried my face in his virgin hole, Hart dayum-near crawled backward off of the bed. LOL!

It was also in that instant that a brief moment of Hart’s dirty-boy, animalistic side appeared, and he grabbed my head and pushed me harder into his hole, “Yeah, get in there!”

Hart & I chatted via instant messenger again Thursday evening, and although he’s a bit nervous about the ex finding out, he’s still interested in continuing to sexplore.

Thank gawd because I am definitely planning a progressive series of videos with Hart’s continued sexploration in each subsequent shoot.

For now, enjoy the first-time sexperience with Hart & me!

CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©

P.S. March 2015: After I sold CAUSA to BP & moved away from Scottsdale in December 2008, I returned for a visit & got together for drinks with Hart’s ex & my friend. By then, she knew about the video & stated that she’d kind of thought that he might be curious. Because I’ve maintained as much confidentiality between my models & me, I didn’t delve too much further into that conversation. Ironically, Hart was one of THREE of her boyfriends over a period of 18 months all of whom sent my straight-guy-curious-to-sexplore-dar WAY off. 😛