CAUSA 489 Neal

logoNeal | 19 | 6’3″ | 170# | 7.0″ | Brown Hair | Brown Eyes | Straight & Sexploring


New-guy Neal is one tall drink of water who is admittedly open to sexploring his curiosity after having engaged in a MFM threesome with his “hung” best friend. During the shoot, it was a bit distracting for me that his go-to facial expression is the creasing of his brow, but once I edited the video & reviewed the 125,000+ still images, I realized that Neal’s frown was not representative of displeasure but just the opposite. I noted that throughout the prostate stimulation his healthy endowment stayed engorged & tingling. It’s not often during that segment of a shoot that I witness lasting erections during first-time penetration.

Once on his back, Neal stayed on the precipice of ejaculating & orgasm from the get-go that left me without many choices in terms of erotic stimulation. So, I asked him what his typical refractory period is & upon hearing, “pretty quickly,” I knew that we would be getting two orgasms out of this hottie college guy.

Today’s video is Neal’s first orgasm & his first time sexual interaction with another male.


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