Classic CAUSA 223 Donnie

logoDonnie | 26 | 5’11” | 165# | 7.0″ | Brown Hair | Hazel Eyes | Straight & Sexploring | Originally aired August 2007


Quickly since I’m scooting out the door for ten glorious day in cool & crisp Colorado — cuz let me just tell ya, “monsoon season” in the Arizona desert is miserable.

Another bright spot in all of this heat & humidty was my video shoot with new-guy Donnie. WOW!

Firstly, Donnie experienced his first anal orgasm, and that was pretty freakin’ hot! Basically, through a rather intense prostate pounding, he achieved a full-body orgasm without getting hard or ejaculating. It was the most intense sexual experience of his life!

And then he got a little too excited and unsuccessfully tried to hold back his ejaculation. What was adorable was our interaction in that regard…

“I broke the cardinal rule, didn’t I?”

“What’d you do?”

[Donnie’s best little-boy-who’s-in-trouble face]


“Did you cum?”


Regardless the anal play and anal orgasm definitely makes up for Donnie’s little accident! Something tells me that after our shoot he went out and purchased his girlfriend a strap-on for her to use on him. šŸ˜›


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ.Ā Ā©