Classic CAUSA 243 Kiran

logoKiran | 27 | 5’9″ | 130# | 8.5″ | Black Hair | Black Eyes | Bisexual | Originally aired January 2008


Continuing the fulfillment of my goal to provide a diversity of men on ClubAmateurUSA, I proudly present Kiran – an East Indian young man with a lean, toned swimmer’s build and one helluva uncut cock!

Kiran and I chatted via email last Spring in the hopes of capturing him on video for CAUSA. Unfortunately, he lives in the Bay Area and wasn’t able to travel to the Valley of the Sun until this past December. After shooting him this first time, I know that I definitely want to work with him whenever we’re able to make it happen!

As with Toby, Kiran also considers himself bisexual. Ironically, given the size of his unit, his sexual interaction with men has been primarily as a top (I could talk at length regarding the psychology of that ;-). During our first email exchange, he stated that he could take “big dicks” up his ass. Now, for me & the focus of CAUSA, that really wasn’t a selling point (my desire to film him was based solely on his rather large uncut cock, his ability to self suck, and his ethnic diversity), so telling me that he could take large units up his bum was merely a duly noted fact.

Interestingly enough, once filming began, I quickly learned that Kiran’s boast in that regard wasn’t exactly based in reality. His arse is extremely sensitive and my manual, digital penetration of him was a case study in overwhelming sexual stimulation! Kiran was moaning and groaning and squealing and cursing and biting the table & his biceps and thrashing about the massage table. It was a sight to behold, and evidently, anal penetration is Kiran’s Pandora’s Box to extreme sexual pleasure…

It’s all caught on video, and ya’ll get to witness it here today.


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