CAUSA 484 Shaw

logoShaw | 21 | 6’2″ | 175# | 5.5″ | Black Hair | Brown
Eyes | Straight & Sexploring


If you’ve been following ClubAmateurUSA & me over the years, you know that one of my primary goals is to provide a diversity of guys who represent the colorful world in which we live. So, when Shaw contacted me on AdultFriendFinder in early December shortly before my Flaaaahrida trip, capturing him on video was high on my priority list given his multi-cultural background (Arabic, East Indian, & European). Fast forward to my trip, and Shaw wasn’t getting back to me… until about 9 PM on Sunday evening, and I was due to fly out on Monday. Sassafrassin’…

Well, we were able to set a shoot time for 10 AM on Monday the 15th that would allow me an hour & 15 minutes to film, pack up all of my filming equipment, clean up the condo, & hit the road to the airport. That would have been perfect had Shaw not arrived 35 minutes late, and by the time filming began, we were 45 minutes past the hour. Not really conducive to the type of sexperiences that I prefer to capture on video where the guys’ physical responses dictate the length of the video. So, unfortunately, Shaw’s shoot had to be a bit more wham bam thank ya ma’am.

Regardless, I was able to introduce this adorable, furry cub to new sexual pleasure & pleasure zones on his body, and Shaw & I are both looking forward to my return & his further sexploration on the CAUSA massage table.


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