CAUSA 483 Miles – Part 1

logoMiles | 23 | 5’11” | 170# | Black Hair | Brown Eyes | 8.5″ | Straight & Sexploring


It often baffles me as to why these beautiful, young men who’ve graced the CAUSA massage table, allowed me to sexually stimulate them through means & methods well beyond their respectively established comfort zone & prior sexperiences, and allowed all of you to bear witness, return to their everyday lives & everyday sexual proclivities. I mean… Come on… Once you’ve seen Paris, France, there’s no going back to Paris, Texas.

But for a majority of these guys, that’s exactly what they do, and Miles is no exception. As you’ll hear me scold him, and at the same time reference Filip & Xander, all three of these Flaaaahrida guys have now been well versed in the pleasures of the prostate, yet, the only time that they engage in those pleasures is when they’re on the CAUSA massage table.

As you saw from Filip & Xander’s sexperiences, and you’ll soon see with Miles’ sexperience, prostate stimulation takes each of them to a higher plain that a couple of times for each verges on out-of-body. Were that you or I, I’m confident that we wouldn’t wait eight months to revisit that place.

Yet again, I digress…

So, Miles visited that place during this shoot, and per his usual, provides us multiple orgasms. Check out the dancing cumshot from ejaculation #1 here in part 1. Rather hot to watch, and we’ll see orgasms 2 & 3 in part 2 that will run in a few weeks.

BTW, Mr. Riley, I’m definitely looking forward to your interpretation of Miles’ first-time sexperience with intensive anal play / prostate stimulation, and if you believe as I that this shoot was most likely the pathway to Miles “creaming” his “cakes” on the DL (yes, I’ve been watching way too many Vines of post-pubescent “niggas” from the A T L, D M V, & several other major, metropolitan areas taking some rather large BBCs up their rather skinny, twerking booties ;).


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©

P.S. Speaking of, this Vine made me LOL.