CAUSA 482 Xander

logoXander | 27 | 5’7″ | 145# | 6″ | Blonde Hair | Brown Eyes | Straight & Sexploring


As you’ll hear Xander tell, he may have set a new world record for a sustained male orgasm given that 23 minutes passed (I timed it in the raw footage) between his first ejaculation & his second, and as I noted both during filming & editing, Xander verbally confirmed, & you’ll soon witness, Xander’s body continued its orgasmic state throughout that 23 minutes. I’m unclear how any man lives through that & survives. lol

What is particularly noteworthy of Xander’s second ejaculation is that he’s on all fours, I have his cock bent around so that just the tip is rubbing against the silver vibrator as I’m pounding his ass & prostate with it. All of a sudden, Xander grunts & cum spurts out onto the vibrator that’s going in & out of his arse. The wave & ejaculation continues, and you can then hear Xander’s muscle contractions (you’ll get it when you watch it).

Back in March 2014 when I propped Ozzy’s sexperience to CAUSA, what I wrote in his storyboard I believe bears repeating because it’s quite applicable to this shoot with Xander:

…this is the most subtly erotic video that I’ve shot in my 12 years — and in terms of what, again I must humbly say, are three perfect camera angles that tell the story of Ozzy’s sexploration & sexperience from the distinct points of view of Ozzy’s head, his body, and his cock.

That first trinity (understanding the model’s sexperience via his head, body, & cock) has driven ClubAmateurUSA content for the past 11+ years since I believe that a cock is a cock is a cock, and without all parts of the body that makeup a guy’s sexperience, we are left with just physical acts that do not tie into the emotional, as well as, the spiritual. This second trinity (physical, emotional, & spiritual) defines true eroticism, and again, my guiding principle for CAUSA content throughout its history.

The third trinity that has defined ClubAmateurUSA since its inception encompasses 1) my words on the storyboard that tell the guy’s story, honestly & without blowing proverbial smoke up my membership’s collective ass, 2) carefully selected images that capture specific moments in time during the video shoot that exemplify that model’s sexperience, and 3) of course, the video that for a majority of beautiful, young men who have graced the CAUSA massage table, immortalizes for eternity their first-time when he allowed himself to sexplore his curiosity & allowed all of you to sexplore. your. curiosity. with him.

So, ClubAmateurUSA content incorporates those three sets of threes — the CAUSA Trinity.

As with many of my previous videos, with today’s update very little of this shoot was left out of the final video because all three camera angles tell a different story of Xander’s sexperience, and at an hour & 37 minutes, this video is definitely another, “CAUSA: BIGGER, LONGER, UNCUT!” 😉 And BTW, there’s still three additional hours (out of six) of footage of Xander’s continued sexperience once I had him lying prostrate on the CAUSA massage table that I’m going to edit into a “bonus” update.

In closing, Xander is another of those beautiful, young men who, for whatever reason, chose to again share his sexual journey with all of us. What an amazing journey it’s been to behold, and I can’t help but wonder if his now-jealous girlfriend is able to provide Xander full-body-encompassing orgasms that last 10, 20, 30 or more minutes long… And in lieu of her jealousy (she who originally prodded him into participating in “gay-for-pay” adult content), maybe it’s time for her (and most women) to accept that the prostate is the male equivalent of a “G-Spot” (as opposed to blowjobs = erections = male sexuality), and no woman is equipped to compete with that (in what I above-termed a CAUSA Trinity) neither physically, emotionally, nor spiritually.

Yet, I digress…


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