Classic CAUSA 015 Damon

logoDamon | 19 | 5’11” | 189# | 6.5″ | Brown Hair | Brown Eyes | Straight & Sexploring | Originally aired October 2, 2003


As some of you who’ve been with me over the past 11 – 12 years know, prior to launching ClubAmateurUSA, I worked for Doug over at AmateurStraightGuys (June 2002 – July 2003), and it was during that time that I first was given the privilege of massaging open-minded / curious straight guys during our live webcam broadcasts. On occasion, one of the ASG models would have one of those massage sexperiences that all of you have now come to witness (and expect) here on CAUSA. At that time, I didn’t really “get it” in terms of what was truly happening for that guy on the massage table & through my hands.

Today’s Classic CAUSA with Damon is #15 which means that we went to launch with it already in the members’ area (our October 2, 2003 launch included 20 videos in the members’ area), and with an actual filming date of August 15, 2003, this shoot was two weeks into my new company & preparations for launch. To my recollection (and since confirmed by my 2257 Compliance spreadsheet), it was my fifth shoot into this new venture.

I give you that specific recollection because it speaks to what an impression this shoot with Damon left on me.

It was during this shoot & afterward that I finally “got it.” Finally, I understood what was happening for this young man not only physically but also mentally, emotionally, & spiritually. In that moment for one brief hour, Damon was introduced to his authentic sexual self.

Today, 11 years later, I do not know if Damon continued to live an authentic sexual life after he “sexplored his curiosity,” and of the 222 individual young & middle aged men under my purview who chose to participate in a video & allowed me to introduce them to their authentic sexual selves (and allowed you to bear witness), today, I am only personally aware of two who self identified as straight at the time, Geoff & Liam, and who went onto embrace their authentic sexuality & actualize it in their daily personal lives. There are those former CAUSA (and ASG) models of whom I am personally aware who chose to discount the sexperience(s) as an anomaly and placed themselves & their authentic sexuality back into the repressive, proverbial box. Those names shall go unmentioned, but if they are still paying attention to ClubAmateurUSA & my words, they know who they are.

I do hope that after his sexperiences on the CAUSA massage table, Damon embraced his authenticity, and now I give you my words from 11 years ago (and this is my first time again reading them in all these many years):

I found Damon via my favorite adult swingers web site. Quiet, shy, and extremely intense, you would never guess that once the cameras start rolling, this 19 year old, 5’11”, 189# beauty turns into a sexual dynamo. Guess that intensity has to be channeled somewhere…

As you will hear me tell Damon at the end of the video, after over a year of giving erotic massages to all types of guys, this particular shoot was one of the most erotic in which I have participated. I was shocked and more than pleasantly surprised.

Leaning toward the bi side of sexuality, I am definitely looking forward to working as much as possbile with Damon in as many variations as he is willing to sexplore. Stay tuned for Damon’s toy video that I recently shot. But until then, I hope you enjoy Damon’s Rub & A Tug!

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