CAUSA 471 Wyatt

logoWyatt | 6’1″ | 155# | 8.5″ | Brown Hair | Hazel Eyes | Straight & Sexploring


Wyatt last appeared in May 2012, and at the time, he was as nervous as the proverbial whore in church. So, I was pleasantly surprised when he tracked me down on Facebook to let me know that he would be moving back to the Valley of the Sun, as well, and wanted to shoot another video.

Thankfully, this time around, Wyatt was much more comfortable in his skin, and his towering inferno began getting as soon as I started rubbing the massage oil onto his skin. Luckily, it stayed that way throughout, and Wyatt had one of the most unbelievable ejaculations that I’ve captured on video. Reminded me of a shoot many years ago that I titled, “Lake Avery.”


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