Classic CAUSA 209 Rio

logoRio | 18 | 5’11” | 135# | 6.5″ | Brown Hair | Brown Eyes | Straight & Open-Minded | Originally aired May 2007


Our 11th anniversary Cocktoberfest continues, and since introducing the Classic CAUSA videos remastered in HD, I’ve heard from a couple of naysayers that they didn’t feel like there was any value add. I, wholeheartedly, disagree, and today’s Classic CAUSA video with Rio is a perfect example why.

It’s always interesting for me when taking another look at a video that I shot six to 11 years ago. For the most part, I live in the moment with the content because I’m constantly forward focused on the next new guy & generating better & better videos. So, when I pull something out of the proverbial archives & put fresh eyes on it seven years later, there’s always something new-to-me that catches my eye. This shoot with Rio is a perfect example of that I believe because I’ve gleaned more experience in my craft & also more experience with human sexuality. The original video that ran May 2007 was edited down to 49 minutes, and this re-edit is now 69 minutes.

In the below storyboard that originally ran, I compared Rio’s sexperience to Ewan’s. With fresh eyes on it in 2014, I am also reminded of Geoff, Liam, Xander, Dixon, Jax, Garret, Declan, Hood, and all of my guys whose first-time sexperience was well beyond any sort of quantifiable expectations.

With that said, here’s also what I had to say about Rio back in May 2007:

When Rio arrived for this video shoot, I was pleasantly surprised to see such a cute, young Latino guy! As I have previously stated, my goal is to provide you a diversity of men on CAUSA, and it tends to be more of a challenge than one would think.

Rio is admittedly curious to explore his sexuality, but I didn’t realize just how much until we began. Within minutes, I recognized that he was already in his zone as I was reminded of Ewan’s first shoot. Rio’s body was reacting to my touch in the exact same manner as Ewan’s — and then some. Since it was both of their first times being sexually stimulated by another male, in each’s respective mind, it was like losing their virginity all over again, and their bodies reacted as such…

Rio’s nipples turned out to be SUPER sensitive, so given the fact that I wasn’t able to stimulate his cock for very long before he would be on the verge of cumming, I decided to send Rio crawling all over the table via nipple stimulation… Oh, and anal stimulation… And ball stimulation… And lips stimulation…

Enjoy red-hot, Latino Rio’s CAUSA debut!

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