Classic CAUSA 63 Kip

logoKip | 26 | 5’10″ | 160# | 7.0″ | Brown Hair | Blue Eyes | Bisexual | Originally aired July 2004


From the first moment that I laid eyes on Kip, he did it for me. His big baby blues will make you weak in the knees and a little moist a little bit higher up… Hehehe…

Kip’s got a naturally beautiful body. There’s great definition to it, but it’s not overdone like most of the “Abercrombie” boys of today. And many of you (as I was) will be quite pleased to see that he’s got pubes (unlike most of the “Abercrombie” boys). You’ll most likely hear me comment in that regard in the video. Hail to Dorothy, the guy’s got pubic hair! LOL!

Kip was referred to us by Gabe (who took a stack of my business at the end of his last shoot), and I’m definitely glad that he did.

This was a pretty erotic shoot. Kip relaxed and really got into with his whole body in motion. I know that I enjoyed myself, and evidently from Kip’s cumshot, he most definitely enjoyed it, as well. Dear gawd in heaven, he shot clear up to his mouth and it dripped down his chin, past his shoulder, and onto the pillow. Of course, his eyes were closed in that moment, so he didn’t see it coming. My eyes were as big as saucers when I it happen.

We both held our composure for a few briefs seconds, and then I just had to exclaim, “DAYUM!” We both busted out laughing after that, and Kip went onto say that that hasn’t happened to him in quite some time. I guess I should have finished that exclamation with, “DAYUM! I’m good!”

Enjoy Kip’s debut and CUMSHOT 2004! 😉

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