Classic CAUSA 85 Justin

Jump to ClubAmateurUSA.comJustin | 29 | 6’0″ | 195# | 8.0″ | Shaved Head | Blue Eyes | Straight & Sexploring | Originally aired January 2005


Ironically, when Justin contacted me on AdultFriendFinder, I had no idea that he had appeared on JakeCruise. In fact, judging from his profile and digital images, I wasn’t even sold on whether or not to capture him on video. He wasn’t very verbose in his initial communication and based on his profile, he seemed “very straight” (I see a lot of that term on the swingers site — to which I laugh and respond, “give us all a fucking break!” LOL) and not inclined to participation in my kind of videos.

DAYUM! Was I ever wrong…

So that I have a clear understanding of my models’ prior video activities, the model application asks:

3b) If you answered “Yes” for adult modeling, have you interviewed with, contracted with, and / or completed modeling work for any of the below-listed companies or for what other one?

  • Adamark Media Inc. (
  • Amun Entertainment, LLC ( /
  • Cody Media, LLC (
  • Cow Stream Media, Inc. (
  • Digital Ventures, LLC (
  • EKRA Group, Inc. (
  • Excelsior Media (
  • Pride Studios (
  • Other: _____________________

As Justin was filling out the model application, he paused and asked, “if I’ve done work with one of these places listed, does that limit my chances?” Of course, my first assumption was that he was referring to the other site across town from me. So, when he mentioned the one based out of LA, I was a bit surprised.

I was even more surprised after we paused filling out the paperwork to take a look at his content on that site.

WOW! Was I ever wrong about Justin…

‘Twas funny, though… When I first saw Justin appear on the other site way back when, I thought he was hella sexy since I have a special affinity for sexy, bald (shaved head) guys. Throw ‘em in a pair of tattered Levi’s, white t-shirt, and a black leather jacket, and <WHEW>… As Belinda Carlisle would sing, “I get wEaEaEaEaEaEaEaEak…” LOL

Yet, I digress…

Meanwhile back at the smut peddler’s pad, Justin is telling me as we’re viewing the images from his prior video work, that’s he’s straight but enjoys the monetary aspect of doing gay videos. Works for me. As I said back to him, I recently had one of my new models tell me that he is “financially bi.” Love that term!

So, we get started filming the rub and tug, and while still face down on the table, Justin is growing more and more erect. When I finally turned him over, BAM!, that big, beautiful, CUUUUUUUUUUURVED cock was staring me right in the face and then, BAM!, the lights went out.

Luckily, the camcorder and the lights on top were running on their extended-life batteries. Justin and I weren’t all of sudden in a pitch black room. Luckily? Sounds like it could’ve been even more fun. HeHeHe…

Reminds me of the punchline to a joke I knew 25 years ago… “That’s not my belly button.” “And that’s not my finger.”

Needless to say, I was a happy camper when we got the lights back on and Justin’s amazingly big, curved cock was standing right back at attention. And as you’ll soon see, Justin was most definitely Mr. Happy. Enjoy!

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