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A couple of weeks back, a new profile appeared on AdultFriendFinder & shortly thereafter, a porcelain-skinned, young Ginger appeared on his webcam. From a grower to a show-er, Sasha displayed his ginormous cock & furry, pink manhole, and I knew that he belonged on ClubAmateurUSA!

Listing himself as bisexual on his AFF profile, Sasha pleasantly surprised me shortly into our preliminary interview when he stated that during high school, “I was sure that I was straight until I started meeting attractive gay dudes,” and “I had a few experiences making out with dudes at parties,” but then he dropped the proverbial bombshell, “No sexual experience with men outside of kissing.”

At 19 years of age, listing himself as bisexual, & having seen his sexual proclivities on his webcam, Sasha’s reply was certainly not what I expected to hear, and for me, that’s a game changer right before this young man is about to drop trou & slide onto the CAUSA massage table since I must then approach penetration & prostate stimulation in a much more gentle & progressive fashion (vs. massaging someone who has prior sexperience in that regard).

As you’ve often heard me counsel the guys prior to the massage beginning, “Relax, close your eyes, focus inward, let go of your reality in the moment, and go into your sexual zone that gets you up & gets you off while tying it into the sensual touch you’ll be experiencing all over your body. I do not film porn performances, per se; I am looking for truly natural experiences,” and then the dialog continue onto the “First Rule of Fight Club” (you don’t cum till I’m ready for you to cum). So, of late, I’ve had a couple of guys, including Sasha, who lay on the table & stare blankly into the abyss. Wherein I’m usually focused on the guy’s physical responses to my touch, having him wide-eyed & bushy-tailed during the massage is also a game changer for me because it pulls me out of my own zone (causing me to be more concerned with the resulting appearance on video vs. the resulting sexperience on video). Lessons learned.

Unlike 99.9% of the guys who’ve graced my table from Geoff who declared that I was ruining sex for him to more recently Jax who stared up at me in complete & utter disbelief at what was his all-encompassing sexperience (remembering the energy tranferance that I captured on video between Jax & me), Sasha’s verbal response to his sexperience on the CAUSA massage table was unlike any that I’ve previously heard in almost 11 years, “Not bad.” When I pushed back with, “Not bad but not good?”, his reply caught me off guard, “First experiences are never the best.” My immediate internal dialog when I heard Sasha’s words drew me back to Alanis Morisette’s “Jagged Little Pill” & “You Oughta Know” when in 1995 I thought about the then 21 year old singer-songwriter, “You’re too young to be that bitter & cynical.” So, I do hope that it’s simply skepticism & not cynicism on Sasha’s part. Positive energy and a positive outlook & reponse provides each of us a healthy journey through this thing called life.

Given Sasha’s multiple Linda Blair moments & this petite Ginger’s ginormous erection throughout this video, I do believe therein lies a healthy dose of contraDICKtion. Enjoy!

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