Classic CAUSA 137 Tate

Jump to ClubAmateurUSA.comTate | 18 | 5’10” | 170# | 7.5″ | Dirty Blonde Hair | Hazel Eyes | Straight & Sexploring | Originally aired December 2005


When Tate contacted me on AdultFriendFinder, the first thing I did was confirm and re-confirm that he is 18. He had turned 18 less than two weeks prior. So, wanna talk “barely legal”… lol

After that confirmation, I then had to confirm that Tate was fully aware of the type of content that I shoot and the sexual activities in which he would be participating.

Cause you see… What I’ve learned from recruiting on that site, is that the majority of guys list themselves as “straight” on their respective profile, and they’re hella curious about male:male sex — as well as, a high percentage of them engage in male:male sex with their buds without disclosure to wives, girlfriends, other friends, and family. So, yeah… There’s a lot more to “metrosexuality” and a “man crush” than they’re talking about on “The Today Show.” LOL

Yet, I digress…

So, come to find out… Tate is another one of those guys who emotionally identifies with the opposite sex as far as intimate relationships are concerned, but he’s very curious about raw sex with other men.

BING! BING!! BING!!! Thanks for playing! Come on down!

This shoot has to be added to my top ten “best of” list because I found the right thing to do to make Tate squirm & squeal. Dear gawd… HOT! HOT!! HOT!!!

Also, hot is Tate’s adorable face, the fact that he’s already wearing a man’s body (not a teen’s), and his nice, thick schlong. WOOF! Not to mention that I’ve learned that he’s a sexy sweetheart via our late night Messenger chats.

I’ve already shot Tate’s second video that will be online in a few weeks, but for now, enjoy Tate’s rather extraordinary CAUSA debut!

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