CAUSA 458 Jonas

Jump to ClubAmateurUSA.comJonas | 26 | 6’2″ | 175# | 6.0″ | Dirty Blonde Hair | Brown Eyes | Kinda Bisexual


In my many years of producing ClubAmateurUSA, I don’t know that I’ve ever met a guy who is more lost in terms of his sexuality than Jonas. He’s not straight; he’s not gay; he’s not bisexual. Where does that leave one? Wandering this vast desert & just going with whatever feels good, I guess.

Regardless, once on the CAUSA massage table, Jonas soon discovered that there’s more to a man’s sexual life than blowjobs & handjobs, and I don’t believe that he was truly prepared to discover his own pleasure centers & allowing another to control, manipulate, & stimulate them on his behalf.

From the prostate massage while face down to the prostate stimulation via vibrator along with deep strokes on his cock, Jonas continuously stopped the pleasure from happening when it was getting too intense. Ironically, the majority of men who’ve graced the CAUSA massage table are wont to sexperience that extreme intensity that introduces them to their authentic sexual selves & forever changes sexuality moving forward.

I believe Jonas will eventually figure it all out & allow himself to sexperience authentic pleasure, and I believe that you & I should be on that journey with him. Enjoy!

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