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Jump to ClubAmateurUSA.comHolden | 27 | 6’0″ | 180# | 6.5″ | Brown Hair | Hazel Eyes | Bisexual | Originally aired November 2004


I first met Holden via my favorite sex & swinger’s site back in May of this year. Let’s just say that he wanted a private rub & tug. That was a pretty hot session because he has an ultra-sensitive dick head, and I found ways to make him climb the walls. Let’s just say that by the time I let him ejaculate, Holden was having an out-of-body experience.

Recently, I received email from Holden because he was ready for another session. But in this email he said that he may be interested in participating in a video if he were able to disguise his face. I was of course interested in having another session with him, but not so much interested in shooting another video where the audience can’t see the model’s face. To me, the eroticism of the rub & tug videos comes from not only the model’s bodily reactions but primarily from the model’s facial reactions. So to shoot a video with the face disguised, greatly decreases the erotic impact.

Of course, rules are made and rules are broken. I changed my mind about shooting Holden with his face disguised when in his last email to me he said, “PS – need volunteers to play with Tristan? lol”



#1 answer!!! We have a winner…

Given Holden & Tristan’s similar features & body type and Holden’s wanting to play with Tristan on video, I knew that I couldn’t pass this one up. Since Holden has already experienced the rub & tug off camera, for his first video shoot I decided to start with “Round Two.” My plan before Holden’s arrival on the video scene was to shoot Tristan in a male-male scene at the beginning of December. So, I wanted to get Holden introduced to the membership, ASAP, and that way I can stay on schedule for the duo shoot in a few weeks.

Of course, this was more fun for me since it was a progression from the off-camera erotic massage back in May. And let me just tell you that this video is fucking hot. Dear gawd in heaven…

Just a few minutes into while I was giving Holden the finger (LOL!), he said, “I’m gonna cum too fast if you keep doing that.” DAYUM!

As I mentioned earlier Holden’s ultra-sensitivity, it was exponentially greater this time around. I noticed during the shoot that each time I dribbled massage oil or lube on his erect cock, he would have one of his involuntary body spasms. My mind is always in high gear during a shoot and seeing this gave me an idea…

So, I scurried off to the kitchen and grabbed some ice out of the freezer. This was not something that Holden had experienced before and all I’m going to tell you is that is was way sensory overload for him. Baybee geezus folks, it doesn’t get anymore sexually intense than this one! And that’s all I’m going to tell you… Guess you’re going to have to watch the video if you wanna see Holden’s phenomenal “Round Two” introduction to Enjoy!

CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©
P.S. Any other hot site members wanna make a movie? Hehehe…