Classic CAUSA 50 Tomas

Jump to ClubAmateurUSA.comTomas | 19 | 5’9″ | 135# | 7.0″ | Brown Hair | Brown Eyes | Straight & Sexploring | Originally aired March 2004


Yes, you may have recently seen Tomas on another site that is produced here in the Arizona desert, as well. For those who have, you know that Tomas is a licensed massage therapist. So, I have to recognize the irony that he & I reversed roles, and I showed him how to give a *real* massage. šŸ˜‰

When Tomas contacted me a couple of weeks back, I was hesitant to work with him given his prior…uhm…experience on video. But I figured, “what the hay,” it’s beyond highly unlikely that he will ever replicate performances between the two sites.

I’m glad that I decided to go forward with him. Tomas is really nice, somewhat quiet, and a total cutie. Oh, and lest I forget…is packing a beautiful, uncut unit. <slurp>

Evidently, given his prior performance and a comment he made before the shoot, cumming can be a challenge for him if all of the elements in a sexual situation are not gel-ing, so to speak. Tomas scoffed at me when I was directing him before shooting began, to not cum until I was ready for him to.

Well…I guess I get the last laugh on that one… He had no problem cumming when it was time, and in fact, I had to move onto other body parts a couple of times because Tomas was on the verge of cumming too soon.

My business partners keep swearing that they’re going to underwrite my hands with Lloyd’s of London. Now, if I only had Mary Hart’s legs… Enjoy!

CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. Ā©