CAUSA 453 Darius

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As previously mentioned, June a year ago when I began thinking about potential former models whom I wanted to re-appear for ClubAmateurUSA’s 10-year anniversary, Darius was on my list due to the voluminous positive feedback I’ve received in his regard. Although I was not able to secure him for a shoot last year, I am thrilled to re-introduce you to Darius, today, as the first returning CAUSA model in our new Scottsdale studio!

When Darius texted me several pix to demonstrate his current physical appearance, I commented back to him that he’s not aged in the almost seven years since his last appearance, November 2007. At 40 years of age today, he’s still got his handsome baby face, rockin’ muscled stocky bod, and of course, his solidly thick BBC.

What is different about Darius, today (versus seven years ago), is the fact that he’s completely comfortable in his skin. Whereas his participation & sexploration back then was “opportunistic,” this time around I believe the actual sexperiences are his incentive & the financial bonus is just that, a bonus.

Given that it’s been almost seven years since Darius has engaged in sexual interaction with another man & the fact that he’s now comfortable in his sexploration, during this shoot, Darius finally let go of his reality in the moment & sexperienced one of the most intense orgasms of his 40+ years. Enjoy!

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