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As we look toward adding a third update per week, today’s update is somewhat different than the regular content on ClubAmateurUSA. While I’ll continue the massage videos & CAUSA Classic, I’m also looking toward additional action scenes between regularly recurring models & solo content wherein the CAUSA model pushes his own boundaries during his alone time.

Having been pondering this for several months, one model continuously came to mind, Josiah. As you are aware, he & his wife have been webcamming as a couple & individually for more than a year. He’s quite comfortable in his skin & in his sexploration, and Josiah knows how to engage the viewing audience. It was through his solo webcamming that he originally began experimenting with anal & prostate stimulation. Over the course of about 18 months, Josiah went from a curious, inexperienced straight guy who began camming for a little extra income to shooting videos for ClubAmateurUSA that progressed to his first sexual interaction with another male, Coop.

I think my email, last night, to Josiah sums it all up rather neatly:

I just finished editing your solo shoot, and you really are a pro. Thank you for making my job so easy & for being so engaged in the moment. Very erotic solo shoot & truly a pleasure working with you. I’m actually going to run the video on CAUSA, tomorrow (Friday, 6/13), since we’re looking toward adding a third weekly update to ClubAmateurUSA, and I want to introduce the concept of CAUSA models having alone time where they push their own sexual boundaries.

Next week begins a new era in content & a return to my old stomping grounds where CAUSA originated, Old Town Scottsdale, AZ. I moved back here at the end of April (thus the reason why you’ve not heard from me) & setup a new studio similar to the one I left behind in December 2008. And thankfully, I can close the door & walk away when it’s time to relax & focus my energies elsewhere.

I’m due to be back in the Orlando / Space Coast area sometime in October, and ideally, I’ll schedule multiple shoots over a several day period with five or six of the Florida CAUSA models. Of course, you being one of those. I’ll definitely keep you posted.

As I was editing this last video of yours, it made me wax nostalgic. So, I just want to reiterate my appreciation for not only your professionalism, but also for your open, genuine spirit & energy and for allowing me to be the one who captured your sexploration on video. Much appreciation & gratitude to & for you.

Be well & please stay in touch.

All my best,


With all of that said, I’m thrilled to present Josiah’s solo & the last of the Flaaaaahrida content (for now). Enjoy!

CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. (c)