Classic CAUSA 64 Clay

Jump to ClubAmateurUSA.comClay | 37 | 5’8″ | 160# | 7.0″ | Brown Hair | Blue Eyes | Straight & Sexploring | Originally aired August 2004


After a couple of months of younger, smoother more twinkish guys on the site, I received a couple of email taking me to task for not providing the diversity of men that has been known for, historically. Ironically, about the same time that those email came in, I was readying to make a video with Clay.

Clay contacted me a couple of months ago on our favorite sex & swingers’ site. When I saw his pix, I knew instantly that I wanted to capture him on video. He’s a very young looking 37 years old with a phenomenal body and a beautiful chest of hair. Evidently, at the time that his pix were taken, he had a full bush, but str8-boy-shave-itis has apparently gotten to him since the pubes are no longer. <sigh>

Alas, Clay is still phuqing hot! <WOOF!>

He is much more on the reserved side, but when he looks at you with those big baby blues… I’m moist just thinking about it. Clay has a very endearing demeanor about him, and you can’t help but respect the fact that he’s a single dad to four young children — just working to make ends meet and rear his children to the best of his ability.

Clay is apparently reaching the stage in his life where he’s looking to sexplore his sexuality. We didn’t talk a lot about it, but he did share a recent encounter that sounds as though it was pretty dayum hot.

Thankfully, Clay got into his erotic massage, and his “A Rub & A Tug” video is pretty dayum hot as well. The boy’s body was a constant object in motion as his hips were continuously doing the bump & grind.

Clay was definitely a trooper as I had laid down the first rule of Fight Club — do not cum until I tell you to cum. I definitely put him through the ringer on that one. With 48 minutes total shooting time and 40 of those are of me keeping him on the edge of orgasm, Clay was definitely ready for release by the time I told him to go ahead and cum.

At the end of the shoot after the cameras stopped rolling and with his cawk still at 3/4 mast, Clay’s only comment, “…that was definitely interesting.”

Uhm…yes it was. Hope all of you enjoy Clay’s “interesting” rubbing & tugging.

CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. (c)

P.S. Please overlook Clay’s rather messy hair. He came in wearing a baseball cap and most definitely had a rather serious case of Hat Hair. LOL!