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Freddie’s friend, Liam, followed through on his interest in making a video, and participated in an erotic massage shoot on Wednesday evening. Whereas Freddie appeared calm, cool, & collected when he arrived on Sunday, Liam definitely was visibly nervous. The poor guy’s hands were shaking when I handed him the documentation to review & execute.

I explained to Liam that I was confident that once the massage began, he would relax and enjoy the experience. I don’t know that he was convinced going into it, but that is certainly what happened.

Whew! What a video… At 6’5″ tall & 215#, Liam is definitely a big ol’ boy, and this Irish hottie looks great on film.

Many kudos to Liam for doing his homework, as it were. He took the opportunity this week to review the preview area of the site and read all of the available stories and watch the available preview videos. So, he had an idea coming into the shoot what I was looking for. And he definitely delivered!

Liam is one of those guys who has a pretty cock. You know the ones…the proportions are perfect between the shaft & the head, the color is good, and it has great definition in the vascular structure. His is definitely on the top of my list for pretty cocks. lol… (and the perfect, pink rosebud, too! — did I say that out loud? LMAO)

But let’s get to the…uhm…meat of the matter. Liam gives good video. I knew I was doing something right when I began rapid-motion surface penetration on his asshole, and his perfect cock got rock hard. You can actually see it in the video lift up off of his abdomen! Besides the facial expressions, his labored breathing told me that he was in the zone. Add a little nipple play to that scenario, and I was pretty sure that had I kept going, Liam would’ve ejaculated pretty quickly into the shoot. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough content on tape to allow him to cum so soon.

Yes, I’m well aware how HOT that would be, so I may just have to bring him back for another spin on the massage table. I would love the opportunity give him a hands-free orgasm. šŸ˜€

It’s always a great experience for me when I am able to manipulate a guy into his sexual zone, so to speak. For all intents & purposes, I am effectively not there. The participant goes inward into his own mental & physical space to heighten the sexperience.

So, regarding Liam’s zone… I knew that he was in his from the explosion of his first orgasm. Yes, I said first. When he came the first time, Liam shot two feet into the air. We both were surprised by that!

After wiping him down and rolling into the post-ejaculation massage, I could tell that he was still in his zone. His cock continued to react to my touch, and mentally he returned inward and was physically responsive.

Well, you know me… If I have the slightest inkling that I can bring a guy to second orgasm with a short span of time from his first, I’m definitely going to do it.

Unfortunately, this is the part where you guys are gonna want to kick my buttee’…

Yes, Liam had a second orgasm, but the tapes ran out on both cameras. I was very well aware, but wasn’t at a stopping point to say, “Oh, hold that second orgasm while I take 5 – 7 minutes to change the tapes.” That would spell disaster… LOL!

So, I kept Liam in his zone and brought him to second orgasm. You will see the mess from the second shot since I grabbed one of the cameras, rewound the tape a few minutes and captured post-orgasm #2 and a final standing shot of this freakin’ sexy Irish lad.

Let’s just say that the first orgasm was about your sexperience, and the second orgasm was about Liam’s. šŸ˜€

Both Freddie & Liam have given me very positive feedback regarding their respective experience. I have proposed to them individually that they return for a “Round Two” video. Hopefully, they’ll both be…er…”up” for the sexperience. But if not, I understand that yes, straight guys do have limitations and boundaries. šŸ˜‰

So, for now, I know that I don’t even have to tell you to but will say it anyway…


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. (c)

P.S. Behind Damon & Flint’s first videos, this one is on my top-three list!