CAUSA 441 Theo

ClubAmateurUSA.comTheo | 24 | 5’6″ | 145# | 7.0″ | Black Hair | Brown Eyes | Reverse Bisexual


Welcome to the “new & improved ClubAmateurUSA!!! Today, I present to you the first bisexual on CAUSA! Well… Let me re-qualify that… In the 10+ year history of the site, Theo is the first reverse bi guy that I’ve knowingly filmed.

Ya see, Theo originally self-identified as gay, and within the past year, a female neighbor of his pursued him. As we are all very aware, alcohol is the buffer to one’s inhibitions. After a night of partying, one thing led to another, and Theo ended up going around the world with his neighbor. Yeah, I mean the full meal deal. Theo’s tongue met neighbor lady’s vahjayjay.

Yet, I digress…


This event awakened Theo’s dormant opposite-gender attractions, and today, he pursues both physical & emotional attachments / relationships with both sexes. I thoroughly drilled (no pun intended Badpuppy Bill & Jeff) him in my questioning both on & off camera, and it filled my heart to hear that the vast majority of his self-identified gay friends have been very supportive of Theo’s newly discovered bisexuality. At 24 years of age, that’s definitely a generational thing given that within my & older generations there’s quite a bit of judgment & distrust from the LG toward the B in the LGBT community. So, yes, it heartens me to hear that Theo’s circle of support has embraced his new path & change in his journey.

Now, in terms of the content of this video, it’s also another first that I can recall seeing a guy’s cock pulse and bounce and throb and leak so much through prostate stimulation. Whether face down or face up on the CAUSA massage table, Theo’s penile & facial responses were extraordinary to witness — as you’ll soon see.

Finally, half Puerto Rican & half African American, Theo is a stunningly beautiful young man given his mixed race heritage. Once you see the boxer briefs that he slips off, you’ll know why I say in the immortal words of J-Lo, “I Luh Ya Papi!”


CB ~ Casey Black