CAUSA 440 Ozzy

logoOzzy | 25 | 5’11” | 170# | Brown Hair | Brown Eyes | 6.5″ | Straight & Sexploring


Humbly, I must admit that I am in love with this video and in lust with Ozzy because this is the most subtly erotic video that I’ve shot in my 12 years — and in terms of what, again I must humbly say, are three perfect camera angles that tell the story of Ozzy’s sexploration & sexperience from the distinct points of view of Ozzy’s head, his body, and his cock.

That trinity, per se, has driven ClubAmateurUSA content for the past 10+ years since I believe that a cock is a cock is a cock, and without all parts of the body that makeup a guy’s sexperience, we are left with just physical acts that do not tie in the emotional, as well as, the spiritual. This second trinity defines true eroticism, and again, my guiding principle for CAUSA content throughout its history.

The third trinity that has defined ClubAmateurUSA since its inception encompasses 1) my words on the storyboard that tell the guy’s story, honestly & without blowing proverbial smoke up my membership’s collective ass, 2) carefully selected images that capture specific moments in time during the video shoot that exemplify that model’s sexperience, and 3) of course, the video that for a majority of beautiful, young men who have graced the CAUSA massage table, immortalizes for eternity their first-time when he allowed himself to sexplore his curiosity & allowed all of you to sexplore. your. curiosity. with him.

I share my thoughts with you because today’s update is the last one that will propagate to my originally-designed ClubAmateurUSA website. When you return for next weekend’s update, you will find all of the same content on a new user interface with an updated brand identity that incorporates the latest technology on both the front & back ends & will carry CAUSA forward. As this vision came to fruition over the past ten months, often times, I found myself giggling in anticipation of this coming & sharing my excitement for a “new & improved” CAUSA with all of you.

Now, regarding today’s update, very little of this shoot was left out of the final video because all three camera angles told a different story of his sexperience, and at an hour & 28 minutes, this video is definitely, “CAUSA: BIGGER, LONGER, UNCUT!” šŸ˜‰

In closing, Ozzy is another of those beautiful, young men who, for whatever reason, chose to share his sexual journey with all of us. What an amazing journey it is to behold.

Enjoy & see all of you next week on the new ClubAmateurUSA!

CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ.Ā Ā©