CAUSA 434 Patric

ClubAmateurUSA.comPatric | 24 | 5’9″ | 155# | 7.0″ | Brown Hair | Blue Eyes | Straight & Sexploring


I do believe that somewhere in the middle lies to the truth to Patric’s sexuality because no man can enjoy prostate stimulation to the extent that he does, and yet verbally say one thing while physically, his body tells a completely different story.

Now, please don”t get me wrong. I”m absolutely not suggesting a very narrow-minded point of view that men who self-identify as hetero are unable / unwilling to enjoy anal penetration / prostate stimulation. What I am suggesting is that in the overall grand scheme of things surrounding Patric, his chosen verbiage does not map to his involuntary physical responses. Ya gotta pay attention to the the detail, folks.

During his first shoot with me, I surprisingly discovered Patric’s sexual proclivity toward prostate stimulation, and I then decided for his second shoot (were there to be one), that we would definitely incorporate much more of that. Goal accomplished, and holy smokes, does Patric deliver!

It’s not often during editing that I choose to leave in for an extended period of time, the camera angle focused solely on a model’s back side while he’s up on his knees on the massage table. But while editing this video, I quickly discovered that with the CAUSA silver bullet stimulating his prostate while my hand stroked his hard, thick cock, Patric’s muscle contractions in his legs that pulled his feet up off of the table… Well, made me pop a chubby & leak a little precum (but nowhere near the precum that Patric leaked on the CAUSA massage table).



Casey Black