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ClubAmateurUSA.comHayden | 6’0″ | 175# | 7.0″ | Shaved Head | Blue Eyes | Straight & Sexploring | Originally aired January 2005


From the January 2005 video storyboard: When Hayden first contacted me on our favorite sex and swingers site, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to capture him on video. The original images that he had on his profile certainly didn’t do him justice. Thankfully, he changed his images to show more of his body, and as soon as I saw those on a Monday morning, I emailed him and brought him in Monday afternoon for this video shoot.

Hayden is married, so it wouldn’t be conducive to the continuity of his marriage for his spouse to discover her husband’s adult video endeavor (thus the sunglasses). Evidently, Hayden is out trolling the ‘Net for hookups due to his spouse’s lack of sexual interest. Luckily for all of us, he discovered my recruiting profile on the swingers site.

When Hayden arrived for his interview & shoot, I was very pleased to discover that he’s much better looking in person. There’s just a certain energy about him that feels very positive. Of course, given my affinity for sexy, bald (shaved head) guys, he definitely had an advantage.

As you’ll soon discover in this video, Hayden’s expectations for the sexual experience of the rub & tug, were much lower than the sexperience of the actual event. I know that I have taken the “rubbee” to a new sexual level when the muscles in his upper body began twitching and spasming involuntarily. That eroticism is taken to a higher plane due to the fact that I am able to continually bring the “rubbee” to that level over and over again without taking them all the way to ejaculation.

Suffice it to say, that Hayden had no idea what he’d signed up for and both digital camcorders had to have their angles reset during the middle of the shoot because Hayden was crawling up the massage table from the sheer intensity of the sexperience. He was a giggling school boy by the end. lol…

That’s why I got ’em lining up to take a schpinn on the massage table, and why all of you are here from week to week. I’m positive that you’ll thoroughly enjoy this 20 year-old, sexy, bald hottie, Hayden, and his “A Rub & Tug.”

CB ~ Casey Black

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