CAUSA 424 Nash

ClubAmateurUSA.comNash | 29 | 5’9″ | 195# | 6.0″ | Blond Hair | Blue Eyes | Straight & Curious


Our blonde Adonis, Nash, is back, and I truly do adore him on several different levels, but once again, as soon as he walked into the studio, he starts in on the whole, “I’m straight,” dialog, and it just completely turns me off. As I said to him, “I’ve been doing this for ten years; I think I have a pretty strong awareness of what defines sexual orientation, and beyond that, there are no judgements when you walk in my door.”

Obviously, this is an on-going internal struggle for Nash, and on one level, it frustrates the hell outta of me because he is an engaging, funny, young man outside of the studio, but as soon as he walks in the door: “This is just a job; it’s not like I enjoy it.”

Au contraire, mon frère or in today’s terms, bullshit, bro…

You don’t get to tell me that that you don’t enjoy it, and then over the next hour, your cock is as hard as it’s ever been & your eyes are channeling Linda Blair (to the extreme point that at any moment, I’m expecting green pea soup to start flying ;-).

But on another level, it saddens me. For whatever reasons, Nash has chosen to allow himself to be “financially bi” in the adult entertainment industry, and it’s, apparently, a continuing issue for him.

At the end of the day, he just needs to bless it & release it. It is what it is, and this journey that Nash is on, is his own personal choice.

For me as an adult producer, every young man who enters the studio is treated with dignity & respect. However they self identify their sexual orientation is a non-issue, and I think that it speaks volumes that a majority of them want to repeat the sexperience.

In that regard, I received a text message from Patric over the weekend who was attempting to recruit one of his rather hot guy friends to shoot for me, and in it, he said, ” i would definitely like him to do it with you. you were very gentle & respectful. i appreciate that.”

Now, onto the previously referenced hardest ever cock… 😉

Surprisingly to me, Nash agreed to anal play for this shoot. After having stated at the end of his first shoot that any sort of penetration would “killed it” for him, we now learn that prior to his first shoot, Nash was already playing with a prostate stimulator during his personal time. For him, sticking things up his butt is too “gay” (as you’ll hear him pronounce), so doing so on film & allowing another male to do the penetration definitely pushed Nash’s boundaries.

Lemme tell ya, folks, despite what Nash’s conscious thought tells himself about not enjoying it, the rest of his body completely disagrees – which makes for one fantastically hot video & another helluva cumshot from him!

As I told Nash at the end of this shoot, “if the pleasures of the prostate were only intended for gay men, then straight men wouldn’t have them.” Can I get an “AMEN” from the Hallelujah Chorus and enjoy Nash’s return to the CAUSA massage table!