Classic CAUSA 079 Tristan & Holden

causa_classic.fwTristan | 19 | 5’8″ | 160# | 7.0″ Brown Hair | Green Eyes | Straight and Curious

Holden | 27| 6’0″ | 180# | 6.5″ | Brown Hair | Hazel Eyes | Bisexual

From the November 2004 storyboard:

As promised, I brought Tristan and Holden together last week to give Tristan the opportunity to explore his curiosity and grant Holden’s request to play with Tristan. It turned out to be be pretty dayum hot!

As soon as the cameras started rolling, Holden had ’em both undressed and was smacking Tristan’s ass while commanding, “you like that!?” Needless-to-say, I was as surprised as I’m sure Tristan was shocked. Not typically my approach to str8-guy seduction, but hey…whatever works. LOL

If you remember way back to when Tristan first appeared on, he disclosed at that time that he’d been in a MMF threesome with two of his good friends. That was over a year ago, so Tristan is a born-again virgin to sexual reciprocation between himself and another guy. Even though this is only his second time to ever give head (and that was long ago), you’ll soon realize as I, that giving head is like riding a bike, evidently one never forgets. Hehehe…

Enjoy Tristan’s oral lesson with Holden!


Casey Black
Messing. With. TexAZ. (c)