CAUSA 422 Patric

ClubAmateurUSA.comPatric | 24 | 5’9″ | 155# | 7.0″ | Brown Hair | Blue Eyes | Straight & Sexploring


No tattoos, no piercings, & a full bush of pubes, Patric certainly is an anomaly within his own generation, and beyond that, he is one hella hot, relaxed, confident (but not cocky), respectful, beach boy! WOW! Based on his pix, prior to meeting him, I had no idea just what movie star good looks I was about to film until I picked him up. Once in my car en route to the shoot, I couldn’t help but get excited for the possibilities. And did I mention that Patric’s packin’ dayum nice junk down below (both front & back)!

Patric initially responded to my recruiting email that he was straight & would only participate were it a female giving the massage. As a result, I politely responded that that doesn’t fit within our genre & wished him luck. So, I was surprised a couple of weeks later when I received a follow up email from him that he wanted to shoot the video. Cocks knock when the money talks. šŸ˜‰

In the studio & the lead-up to filming beginning, Patric assured me not to worry that he may prematurely ejaculate even though he’d not done so in previous five days. He was wont to define just how straight he was & that the massage wasn’t going to turn him on.

Au contraire…

As you’ll soon see, Patric made a concentrated effort to *not* bust too soon — with concentrated being the optimum word. I noticed as soon after my soft strokes down his back, across his buttocks, & continuing past his thighs & calves that he was already popping a chubby. To make sure that I was observing correctly, I continued my movements & sure enough, pretty quickly Patric’s healthy endowment was engorged & tingling. A couple of slow swipes down his shaft, he was definitely raring to go. Once the rimming began, this str8 guy was at full mast, and my work had just begun. :)

Laying between the bottles of lube & massage oil are the CAUSA silver bullet & a larger ribbed vibrator, and before filming began, Patric questioned their presence & potential usage on him. I assured him that those were not to be a part of this day’s shoot, and as a result, I was a little more hesitant to engage him penetration & prostate stimulation.

Once face up on the CAUSA massage table, I also took note that Patric’s cock stayed rock hard after I ventured my finger down to his manhole & began some light surface stimulation & a bit of penetration. Hearing no protestations, I pushed inside him deeper, and I was I saw & felt was his already hard cock grow more rigid & begin visible throbbing. Witness the couple of times that I continued the intense prostate play & Patric’s skyward-pointed cock pulsated after I pulled my hand away.

Patric definitely had several tells that this first-time sexperience was “mo bettah” than he ever anticipated. As a result, this is a longer video from three hours of content edited down to 57 minutes since the other two camera angles told a better story & demonstrated his “tells” of pleasure. Whereas his facial expressions did not, the aerobic paces of his toes give great insight into Patric’s pleasure centers & erogenous zones. šŸ˜‰