CAUSA 420 Miles

ClubAmateurUSA.comMiles | 21 | 5’11” | 170# | 9.0″ | Black Hair | Brown Eyes | Straight & Sexploring


I’m not sure what to say about this video other than HOLY SHITBALLS!!! It’s an hour & four minutes of non-stop action! In less than a minute of the rubbing beginning, a droplet of precum appeared on the tip of Miles’ ginormous mushroom cockhead, and an hour & ten minutes later (total shoot time from beginning interview to closing remarks), he’d sexperienced FOUR orgasms!

Like I said, holy shitballs!

If you’ve been around CAUSA for a spell, then you’re well aware of my adDICKtion to Hot Chocolate, and of late, I’ve not been able to quench my thirst. šŸ˜‰

So, a little over a week ago, I jumped on the Space Coast & Orlando Craigslist personal ads, and I email bombed over 50 guys posting their junk pix & hoping to get laid. Given that CAUSA’s United Nations of Porn was feeling a bit too Caucasian in recent weeks, my impetus in recruiting leaned toward African American, Asian (next to impossible), or some other variation of the “Red & yellow, black & white, they are scrumptious on my site,” theme.

Luckily, I received several positive responses, and as soon as I saw that one of those positive responses was Miles, I couldn’t get him scheduled fast enough!

Now, I knew with Miles’ first accidental orgasm that I would have no problem stimulating him to second as long as I kept him in his zone. What I didn’t anticipate is that about seven minutes later, he’d fully erect & achieve another accidental orgasm. Given that Miles was obviously wound tight & raring to go, a third orgasm was added to my agenda & as the hour progressed, surprisingly, a fourth! Enjoy!