CAUSA 416 Grant

causaGrant | 40 | 5’11” | 185# | 8.5″ | Brown Hair | Blue Eyes | Straight & Sexploring


Back in April when I first began thinking about the ten-year anniversary of ClubAmateurUSA, my wish list of returning models included Avery, Billy, Geoff, Shayne, Kole, Darius, Mateo, and the model you see today, Grant. Thanks to Facebook, I was able to reconnect with Grant & another whom you’ll see next week. A couple of others I found on Facebook but they did not respond to my email, and two others I found again on Adult FriendFinder, but that was back in June when AFF was being a douchebag toward my recruiting profiles & shortly after confirming interest from Darius & Mateo, my profile was deleted, and when I tried to get back in contact with the two of them, their profiles were also deleted. So, the returning models list was narrowed to two, and I couldn’t be happier.

Grant recently turned 40, and other than little greying around his temples, he looks just as good as the day he first filmed for me in August 2003. Wow… It still does not seem possible to me that ten years have passed since I first began filming content for the launch of CAUSA, and here I sit today, ten years later, one of two remaining employees of Badpuppy after having returned two years ago as the contracted producer for ClubAmateurUSA. To say the least, the past six months have felt quite surreal.

With CJ at the helm of Badpuppy, I absolutely love the revitalized energy & interest in CAUSA’s success. He immediately returned the site to weekly updates & then added the second update per week with the “CAUSA Classic” line of videos. Looking back through all of my old content refreshed many fond memories of former models & sent me on a journey to learn of their well beings today. Unfortunately, we lost Tomas at too young an age in January 2012. Others have gone onto successful careers & marriages & children. Unfortunately, some followed paths of drugs & crime. And for a few, their respective ride on the CAUSA massage table not only introduced themselves to their authentic sexual being but also to an acceptance of their authentic sexual orientation. For others, participation was simply sexploring their respective curiosity & placing it back in the proverbial closet once the lights & cameras were put away.

As for Grant’s return, we went “old school” & filmed an original concept video, “A Rub & a Tug.” Grant was always a challenge for me in terms of me being the one to bring him to orgasm. As you’ll hear him say in today’s video, it’s quite a rarity for someone else, regardless of gender, to stimulate him to orgasm. Here we are ten years later, and Grant was rock-hard & with little effort I brought him to one helluva orgasm.