CAUSA 415 CUMpilation

ClubAmateurUSA.comCUMpilation | Celebrating the CAUSA 10-Year Anniversary!


As you’re reading this, I’m in Scottsdale filming 10-year anniversary content with one of my very first models & one of my most popular models, and in the run-up to this milestone, I wanted to celebrate CAUSA’s history through the very videos that that have been mine & your passion for ten years. Seems surreal & very hard (pun partially intended) to believe.

As I’ve always said & actualized to the best of my recruiting abilities, red & yellow, black & white, they are scrumptious on my site, or as Badpuppy’s owner, CJ, recently said, “You’re like the United Nations of porn!” That’s a moniker that I proudly wear. The diversity of the world in which we live has always been my goal to provide you in terms of the guys who grace the CAUSA massage table. Hopefully for you, I have been successful in achieving that goal.

Today’s CUMpilation represents CAUSA content from the very beginning of October 2, 2003 through to my departure on December 2, 2008. Over the course of those five years, 281 videos appeared on CAUSA. Some of the guys were uber hot & some not so much. Some of the cumshots were out-of-this world incredible & some… not so much. But regardless of those qualifiers, what always remained constant was my desire to shoot adult, amateur videos that were sensual, erotic, & truly authentic, and at the same time, for the guys who graced us with his participation, introduce him to his authentic sexual self.

I do believe that this CUMpilation is an accurate representation of those achievements.

So, at two hours & 37 minutes with 113 cumshots edited together, pop up a big batch of popcorn, grab a box of cum towels, & settle your happy ass in for the night. Don’t forget to drop the A/C down because it’s going to be an Arizona desert scorcher!

As always, thank you for your loyalty to & support of ClubAmateurUSA. Without you, we would not be celebrating ten years online, and as always…