CAUSA 414 Coop

ClubAmateurUSA.comCoop | 22 | 5’8″ | 165# | 7.0″ | Brown Hair | Brown Eyes | Straight & Sexploring


Once I began editing the raw data for this video (3:53 of total content), it struck me odd how present Coop stayed throughout the shoot. At first, I thought it demonstrated a lack of interest in his participation, but then I realized when coupled with his need to pee FOUR times during this shoot, these were Coop’s tools to stave off premature ejaculation. The boy was on fire (pay attention to his flushed skin color around his upper chest, back, & neck), and he didn’t know how to comprehend his physical responses to my touch.

Typically, a majority of first-timers lose their erections when sexperiencing & enjoying prostate stimulation, but not ol’ Coop. He grew hard as a rock & shortly thereafter is when he needed his first pee break. When the oral began, he needed a “nobody move” break because he was a blink away from cumming.

All of this culminates in one of the most splasherific cumshots that ever I’ve captured on video. Coop was soaked & amazed by his own cumshot, and you will be, too.