CAUSA 411 Xander

ClubAmateurUSA.comXander | 26 | 5’7″ | 145# | 6.0″ | Blond Hair | Brown Eyes | Straight & Sexploring


 2013 is the year for milestones in the life of ClubAmateurUSA. Firstly, in March, Badpuppy moved me to Flaaahrida & hired me as the full-time creative director & producer for CAUSA & BOC, and in June, the site reached 400 videos. At the same time, CAUSA brought ASG’s Jackson out of retirement & gave him his first-time prostate pleasure captured on video. Under my watch, we had our first blonde since July 2008 and in August, the first auburn-haired Spaniard, the first immigrated Cuban, & with today’s video update, my 200th model to be captured on video — and October 2nd, the 10th anniversary of ClubAmateurUSA. Wow… What a year.

Vicenté, Taylor, & today’s Xander were all captured on video within two days of each, and I chose to have Xander represent my 200th model because he provides another CAUSA first. Actually, this is a first for me whether on film or off…

I knew due to Xander’s responses to prostate stimulation via my fingers & the CAUSA silver bullet that when it came time for ejaculation & orgasm, that very stimulation would be part of the equation. What I didn’t know was how that would affect his orgasm. Holy shit balls! Using the unedited footage, I timed his orgasm from first muscle contraction to last, and 3 minutes & 35 seconds later, Xander’s fifth wave of orgasm finally subsided. It’s something to behold…