CAUSA 410 Taylor

ClubAmateurUSA.comTaylor | 22 | 6’3″ | 170# | 8.5″ | Brown Hair | Green Eyes | Straight & Sexploring


 I know that this is going to be a bit of an overshare, but quite honestly, about two hours into editing this video (out of a three hour process), I finally had to take a pause for the *adult* cause! Holy shit balls!

Ya know, ten years into doing this, and I’ve pretty much got the process down to a science from cradle to grave, and as I’ve always said, during actual filming, my focus is entirely on the guy on the table & his pleasure, the lighting, the shadows, the camera angles, the timing, and all things that go into creating a CAUSA video. So, the last thing that my body or mind is capable of adding to that multi-tasking list is popping a chubby. And yes, I’ve been asked that question numerous times over the past ten years… 😉

Now, that’s not to say that regardless of shooting a video, engaging in personal time with that special someone in my life, or just having a moment observing some hot fucking specimen of man, I leak like a sieve. And yes, I realize that’s vastly overshare.

Anyhoo… Yet, I digress…

Back to Taylor & this hot fucking video! Geezus, Mary, & Joseph… Taylor is definitely now in the Top 5 favorite videos from ClubAmateurUSA’s past ten years. As I was editing, the sensitivity all over Taylor’s body reminded me of Geoff’s first shoot.

I love the fact that Taylor went from pleading with me to allow him to cum throughout most of filming to begging me not to stop with the CAUSA silver bullet on his cockhead.

Needless to say, all of that momentum built into one helluva orgasm that splashed Taylor’s forehead, hair, pillow, & tripod behind him. I’m thinking that the six months that it took him to finally build up the nerver to follow through on a video shoot was well worth the a n t i c i p a t i o n.