CAUSA 408 Zephyr

ClubAmateurUSA.comZephyr | 26 | 5’9″ | 185# | 6.5″ | Brown Hair | Blue Eyes | Straight & Sexploring


 As you all know, eyes & smile are my trigger tripper, so Zephyr definitely has it going on for me. Throw in his stocky build & thick cock, and we have a recipe for WOOF treats! 😉

I was surprised when Zephyr emailed to ask if he could shoot a second video given how excrusiatingly nervous he was during the first shoot. So, I made sure to ask him if it was really something that he wanted to do, and he responded that the money was good & the experience.

Now, there is a fine line with Zephyr between thick, engorged, & tingling and a flacid mess. lol My surprise is that nipple & ear play make him the former and ass play definitely makes him the latter. Duly noted.

One more thing… With that thick cock & the way he rocks his hips for added stimulation, something tells me that Zephyr one helluva good time in bed. 😀