CAUSA 406 Nash

ClubAmateurUSA.comNash | 29 | 5’9″ | 195# | 6.0″ | Blond Hair | Blue Eyes |Straight & Sexploring


 Wow… I’m not sure where to begin since on so many levels this video with Nash speaks to me in the different ways that are indicative & reflective of the vision behind ClubAmateurUSA & exactly the type of video that I strive to create with every shoot. I stopped reviewing at 54,287 of 105,097 HD JPG image captures (one image per 29.97 frames per second) to write down my thoughts as they wafted through my scattered brain.

My goal for every shoot is to introduce each guy to his authentic sexual self (whether they be straight, gay, or somewhere in between), but figuring into that equation is the dichotomy between the typical response from the guy on the CAUSA massage table who is wont to verbally discount the overwhelmingly, intensely sexual experience that is completely at odds with their demonstrative physical reactions that are captured on video for all of the world to see & cannot be spoken away with any simplicity. This is what I experienced with Nash (who is genuinely & truly a nice, grounded, funny young man) as the shoot began & afterward (both on camera & off).

“Ooooh… It’s been a few days… since I came…”

Raaaaaaaaaht… Something tells me that this boy hasn’t cum like that ever before in his life. lol

But I completely understand that for any self-identifying heterosexual man who has lived his entire life under the auspices & societal expectation that sexuality is not in fact fluid, to then have your world turned on its proverbial ear, so to speak, via one (or a series of) sexual interaction(s), must be a rather daunting & whelming realization. It is the after-CAUSA introspection, reflection, & eventual freakout. “What did he just do to me?!?! I am not gay!”

It’s the Liams, the Geoffs, the Nates, the Koles, the Bradys, the Cadens, the Finns, the Morgans, and more recently, the Declans, the Garretts, & the Jaxs who cannot process, comprehend, & embrace their newly discovered sexuality & the freedom that that gives. For some, I hear from them a year or two later (like with Liam who wrote me an email four years later to apologize & tell me that he had accepted himself as a gay man & had been with his partner for a year), or for some who come back a couple of years later to experience & feel that moment a second time (like Nate), but with most, it’s too overwhelming a realization, and the thoughts, feelings & physical pleasure are all pushed back down & out of their conscious thoughts & lives. After all, we are human beings; we construct & compartmentalize.

All of this is to say that I realized while editing this video that Nash’s discounting statements did not map to his amazing & unbelievable physical responses, and thus the crux of my above analysis. So, onto to the amazing & unbelievable…

Firstly, for the first time in CAUSA’s 10-year history (this week ten years ago, I had created an Adult FriendFinder profile & begun recruiting new models), we have a third camera & new angle that is going to… er… curl your toes. 😉 And let me just tell ya that the overhead camera angle exponentially adds to the whole ClubAmateurUSA concept & content.

Holy shit balls, just wait till you see Nash’s lower body respond to the pleasure!

Secondly, I, also, found it interesting that the July 25, 2008 video update was the last time that I filmed a natural blonde, and boy howdy, what a natural blonde Adonis Nash is! And to think that Nash, like Josiah, was pushing 300 lbs when he chose to get healthy & here they both are on CAUSA shooting adult videos. Rather amazing stories & examples.

Finally, I’ve spoken previously about some of the guys experiencing anal orgasms (Donnie, Ridge, Ewan, etc.), and I knew during those shoots what was happening to the guy on the massage table (while at the same time, he had no clue & wondered what the hell was going on with his body), but this time around, it wasn’t until Nash mentioned it at the conclusion of filming that I finally had my light-bulb moment, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh… That’s why his body spasmed & convulsed uncontrollably even though I wasn’t rubbing, tugging, or poking during that moment.

Yup… Nash not only had one of the most intense ejaculatory orgasms, but prior to that, he experienced one helluva anal orgasm, and folks, it’s all captured on video for you members to see and…