CAUSA 405 Kyler

ClubAmateurUSA.comKyler | 21 | 5’7″ | 150# | 7.0″ | Brown Hair | Brown Eyes | Straight


 In 11 years of smut peddling, this shoot with Kyler is the first time that I have been thrown off of my game, so to speak.

In context, a couple of months back, a girlfriend & I were hanging out on the patio at our favorite nearby beer, wine, & cigar bar when this cute, young skate boarder rides up & begins chatting us up. She & I cut a look at each other like girlfriends & gay boyfriends often do, and we ended up hanging with Kyler till closing time. As we were leaving, I slipped him a business card and said, “the paragraph on the back explains why I’m giving this to you,” and I kept on walking. It reads:

Wondering why you received this business card?

We are looking for attractive, HWP men to participate in adult, amateur video. You are compensated for your time & must provide valid state or federal photo ID for proof of age.

If you are interested in possibly participating, please submit an application via the online form; you may also email or text.

If you are scheduled & unable to follow through on your commitment, please let us know, as soon as possible.

After a couple of weeks when I had not heard from him, I figured that Kyler was either not interested or not legal (given his rather youthful appearance). Another month passed when I was again hanging on the patio at my favorite wine bar when up he strolled, sat down, & began chatting me up. Pretty soon he steered the conversation to the fact that he lost my business card but was interested. I gave him the details & my number again, and later that night he texted me. A little more back & forth over the next several days exchanging information, and I had him scheduled.

Due to a transportation challenge the night of the shoot, Kyler asked me to pick him up (how awkward is it when the smut peddler meets the smutee’s mom?!?!), and on the drive back to the studio, a comment here & there began raising yellow flags for me (they did not become red till he was naked & on the CAUSA massage table).

So, it seems that Kyler lost my business card prior to actually looking at our recruiting website. Ruh roh, Raggy…

Both of our alarm bells sounded rather loudly when he was laying on the table & asked, “where’s the girl who’s going to give me the massage?”

Holy shit balls!

Kyler was up, dressed, & we were leaving the studio within 15 minutes. It’s one thing for a negative circumstance to nudge a young guy into adult entertainment, but it’s a whole other proverbial ball of wax for me to be that lecherous, vulture-like producer who takes advantage of guys in those situations. BLECK! It just makes me feel creepy thinking about it.

Well, I’m prepped to take Kyler home when he asks what I’m doing now. Per the usual on a Saturday night, I’m off to my favorite wine bar, and he asks if he can tag along until he can catch a ride to a girlfriend’s birthday party. No issue here (of course, the following week, the bar owner & manager were giving me shit & asking where was my boy toy? To which I responded, “Which one?”).

Over the course of the next several hours, Kyler & I spent sharing our respective life story. At 21, this young man has experienced more challenges than most do over 50 years of their lives. He ended up not attending the birthday party, and as we were heading out to the parking lot for me to take him home, Kyler asks, “Can we still shoot that video?”

I stopped dead in my tracks, looked him straight in the eyes, and said, “No, we’re not doing this. I am not taking advantage of your situation, and I don’t want you to make a choice that you’ll later regret because of others who are placing financial pressure on you (namely an out-of-state girlfriend).” We continued the discussion, and Kyler was adamant that it was his choice, and he was okay with it.

While I appreciate the circumstance that brought him back to the studio, Kyler first took his out, but now later in the night returned of his own volition. As a result & regardless of free choice, he was intent upon not exhibiting any emotional response to the physical pleasure that he was experiencing, but unfortunately, Kyler had three “tells” that betrayed his intent.

Firstly, watch his closed eyes & you will see the rolling eyeballs under his lids; secondly, watch his abdominal muscles & you will see his labored breathing & involuntary body spasms. Finally, the fact that Kyler came 12 minutes into being on the CAUSA massage table & came a second time about 34 minutes into it, certainly did not lend credence to his protestations of straight-dom.

Me thinks he doth protest too much…